That was the week that was

It was a week of parts, too many of them having to do with medical personnel of one kind or another.

In addition to doctor appointments, we had the leaky 1960s windows in the living room replaced with up-to-date, sealed-and-insulated, UV-protected 2022 windows.  The actual replacement took a surprisingly short time — the team was in at 9:15 am and gone by 3:30 pm.  I mean, it took us three days to clear the living room so there was room to work, and it’s taking us something more than three days to put the living room back together.

We also had a conference with Eileen Stevens, who will be narrating Fair Trade for Audible, where we found that the road noise is considerable decreased in the living room, so already the new windows are proving their worth.  Our conference with Eileen ran a little over, so we’ll be finishing up there on Monday afternoon.

In and around All That, we found a title and a cover for the upcoming Yule chapbook from Pinbeam Books (the Lee-and-Miller indie arm).  And here they are, united and as one:

Note:  the book is not yet available for preorder.  We’ll tell you when.

. . . I think that catches everybody up.

Have a good weekend.

One thought on “That was the week that was”

  1. Great artwork — one of the best chapbook covers ever! I really like the image of the huge ship. Looks like a trade ship. Tree & Dragon? Congrats on your upcoming books!!

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