PSA: Who’s Writing Which for When?

Lee and Miller are under contract to Baen Books for three Liaden Universe® novels after Fair Trade, which will be published in May.  Those novels are:

1   The sequel to Fair Trade (title TBD) — Steve Miller, Lead Writer

2   Tinsori Light: The Novel (better title coming along RSN) — Sharon Lee, Lead Writer

3   A Liaden Novel to be Named Later — Sharon Lee, Lead Writer probably?  At the moment, I’m leaning toward going back to the Redlands and checking in with Padi, Tekelia, Aunt Astra, Eet, and the gang. This could change, as all things may change, and only reflect my thoughts at the moment.

For those who have been playing along at home for a long time, the above three novels complete the Triple Threat contract with Baen.

We do not at the moment have any short works under contract, but that, too, could change.

Here ends the PSA.

6 thoughts on “PSA: Who’s Writing Which for When?”

  1. Looking forward to Fair Trade in May (after tax season, thank you very much). I did go back and re-read the Jethri books last week, which led me into the rest of the Liaden series, when I really should be reading the book our book group selected for January and which I have to lead the discussion of on Monday…

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