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So, today was a Thinky Day.  I spent almost all of it in the Comfy Chair in my office, with notebook and pens (and the occasional coon cat) working out bits and schticks: what happens when, what absolutely must happen, what I’d like to happen (a far different thing, ref. The Wrong Lance), and who does what to whom.

I haven’t written a book in exactly this way before, but they’re all different, and, let’s face it, given the last few years, I’m different.  If Tinsori Light: The Novel (actual title TBD) needs to be carefully worked out in modest detail via pen and paper before ever fingers hit the keyboard, that’s certainly doable.  I have plenty of paper, and plenty of ink (though I’m going to have to splurge on another bottle of Dragon’s Blood if this goes on, as we all hope that it will, for some time yet).

It’s very pleasant sometimes to just sit and work inside your own head, shutting out the din of Oughts and Musts and Haven’t You Dones from the outside world.  Sadly, I can’t do it every day, but it’s nice to get revisit that headspace now and then.

I hope you all have time for a bit of quiet contemplation as the year winds down.

Here’s a snippet from the WIP:

“I am under the impression that the delm wishes this station to reflect Korval’s on-going commitment to the realities that govern the universe that received the diaspora. Am I correct in this assumption?”

“Are you asking if I am privy to the delm’s necessities?”

“An impertinence. Forgive me. Unvarnished, what I wish to know is if Korval prefers tools which are untainted by the Old Technology.”

6 thoughts on “Writer at work”

  1. I hope that you can continue to send us wonderful stories.
    The last line in the snippet is loaded with so many possibilities. I hope it makes the cut for the next book
    Best wished for you and Steve in the New Year

  2. “Diamine Dragon’s Blood is a shimmering ink, which seems a bit much for marking up manuscript pages” – doesn’t one want markup to stand out? Drag the eye to something thought provoking? Thus I take issue with “a bit much”! Ok, make that fascious humor…

    Soooo, when is Tinsori Light: The Novel eARC scheduled to be released? Oh wait, IIRC that’s above your pay grade. It’s just that I have enjoyed past Tinsori & really am looking forward to reading it. Not to mention Fair Trade.

  3. Thanks for the clue on the color! I was imagining blue, or green (maybe a Vulcan dragon ??) 🙂

  4. The other problem with shimmering inks is that the glitter clogs up fountain pen nibs — you really should only use it with a dip pen, or else you spend your life cleaning your pens. I’m not going to be marking up manuscripts with a dip pen anytime real soon….

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