Happy Holidays

So!  The boss is giving us a half-day today, on account of we worked on the Solstice.

I was raised in the tradition of gift-giving and trees and special music and family gathering and so on for December 25, and some of those practices form part of my personal traditions.  I like to send cards, so I send Solstice cards. I like the tree decorating thing, but we have cats, and I still have ornaments that belonged to my grandmother, so — we forego the tree, though we do have greens in the house in the shape of fresh wreathes.  Since I love to distraction Things That Light Up, we have glass trees to accompany the ceramic Christmas tree Steve’s mother made him years ago.  We have a special meal, or two, or three, and take some time off — how much depending on how near the nearest deadline looms — to read, play Scrabble or cards, watch a movie, whatever.  It’s a nice break in routine, and who doesn’t need a break?

All of which is to say — happy holiday to those who celebrate; happy weekend to those who have one; happy day to those for whom these next few days are days-in-the-life.

Stay safe.  Remember to tell the people you care about that you love them.  Raise your face to the sky and smile at the stars.  Be kind, and be happy.

5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

  1. Hope you have a healthy and happy holiday. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and hoping and praying for peace on earth.

    Thank you also for the gift of your books.

  2. Happy holidays to you—Sharon and Steve—and thank you for all the wonderful books you have written.

  3. I’m sure you didn’t have to “dream of” a white Christmas! Holiday wishes to you both, for peace, joy, and ever more love!

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