Liaden Universe® Volume Five Disambiguation Post

As advertised elsewhere, here is the T(able) o(f) C(ontents) for the upcoming A Liaden Universe® Constellation Number 5.  In which “upcoming” = February 2022.

Authors’ Foreword
Fortune’s Favors
Opportunity to Seize
Shout of Honor
Command Decision
Dark Secrets
A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom
The Gate that Locks the Tree
Preferred Seating
Ambient Conditions
Dead Men Dream

Several people have written in confusion because, though they are faithful consumers of the Pinbeam Chapbooks, they do not seem to have the story here-entitled “Opportunity to Seize.”

The story under the title appeared in the chapbook Fortune’s Favors:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® No. 28 as the outtake from Neogenesis.  In the chapbook, the outtake is only designated by what had been its chapter heading when it was still part of Neogenesis, and that was!

Dudley Avenue and Farley Street

The reason this was changed was to make it less confusing for all the folks who wrote after Fortune’s Favors was published, wondering what the heck “the last scene” had to do with “the story.”  By changing the story designation, we have of course confused even more people.


We Live to Consternate.

4 thoughts on “Liaden Universe® Volume Five Disambiguation Post”

  1. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the Liaden Universe stories. I grew up with SF in the 60s and 70s. I have read and reread the Korval stories multiple times. I could go on. But just thank you.

  2. I’m with Robert, thank you. I also grew up with sci-fi, reading my mother’s collection of late 50s/early 60s analog & Amazing stories, this means I have high standards which you and Miller consistently meet.

  3. What Robert Imrie wrote [fist bump to him]!

    Recent “CORRECTION”: Okay, December – when I first read the correction, my weird brain still saw “November” regardless of the “D” in the word. [slap to forehead] At least now I won’t be so disappointed when I don’t see “…Rainbow” for awhile longer.

    Now, if Bread Alone will indeed be available at on November 25, another thing I’ll be greatful for!

    Thanks Sharon & Steve

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