CORRECTION: From Every Storm a Rainbow

Due to a combination of factors, including Yr Humble Narrator forgetting to write down an amended date at the time it was amended, it comes about that the Liaden Universe® story “From Every Storm a Rainbow” will be the Lead Story on for December.  That means it will show up on the front page below the new books on or around December 15, 16, 17.

As discussed in various venues, “. . .Rainbow,” is a Sinit Caylon story.  We last saw Sinit in Mouse and Dragon when she was poised on one end of a Very Large Learning Curve.

If you’ve forgotten Sinit, the December date for the story’s arrival means that you have time to — *evil grin* — re-read Mouse and Dragon.  I did that a couple of months ago and can testify that it’s quite good.

In any case, and repeating for those who came in late — Mark your calendars for real this time!  “From Every Story a Rainbow,”, mid-December 2021.

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