Fair Trade available for preorder

Fair Trade is the 24th novel in the Liaden Universe® created and written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  This title is the direct sequel to 2013’s Trade Secret and the third book detailing the adventures of Jethri Gobelyn, a Terran who has been apprenticed to a Liaden Master Trader.
Cover art is by David Mattingly.
Fair Trade hardcover is available for preorder from Amazon, and I suppose other places that do preorders. Publication date is May 3, 2022. Amazon link:
    1. There will be an ebook edition; the reason you can’t preorder the ebook has to do with Baen’s tradition of offering eARCS.
2. No word on when the eARC will be available — usually it’s been hitting 6-8 weeks out.
3. We assume there will be an audiobook edition, but we don’t know if that’s valid or, if it is, who the narrator will be.
4. Mass market paperback editions usually hit about a year after the publication of the hardcover.
Please share this happy news with  your family, your friends, your reading group, and strangers chance-met on the street.

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