Monday touch-base

Oh, dear. I seem to have eaten all of the strawberries.
Well. I’m certainly not going out to get more today. We are currently laboring under an Active Heat Advisory (nothing so dire as Seattle’s Excessive Heat Warning, but enough to get *my* attention), and have gone into Station mode. Curtains and windows closed, high-energy lights out, heat pumps on.
I believe I heard that there will be BLTs for supper, which sounds an excellent plan.
Belle has joined me at the desk, and Trooper is napping in the jetpac. Sprite is supervising Steve in Another Part of the House.
Today’s To-Dos include writing This Scene Here and doing another compile of BAD ACTORS, now that the Tyop Hunters’ work is done. I believe I will hold off on doing the laundry, given the weather situation. We’re not prone to brownouts hereabouts, but, then, we’re not prone to what counts for us as Crazy Hot Weather. No need to put extra strain on an aged power grid.
Else? Oh. I came across an old review of Balance of Trade the other day, and there was an assumption made by the reviewer which I will address here, in case it matters, or someone here labors under a similar misapprehension.
The name of Our Hero in Balance of Trade is Jethri Gobelyn, sometimes shortened to Jeth. The reviewer’s assumption was that this was an…homage?…to Jethro Bodine in The Beverly Hillbillies (who even *remembers* The Beverly Hillbillies?) — which — no.
As you all know, the authors like to play to with words and names, and language drift. In the particular case, we rather thought that Jeffrey might drift to Jethri.
Also, yes, his surname is pronounced “goblin” because I had at that point for years wanted a reason to name a spaceship Goblin’s Market.
So, that.

2 thoughts on “Monday touch-base”

  1. Glad I never saw that review. Any respect I had for the source would have flown off and never returned.
    You’ve survived the heat thus far? I’m content to live in a part of the country just outside that bubble.

  2. A line of thunderstorms came through on Wednesday evening and broke the heatwave. We’re looking at 60F/16C for today’s high and 50F/10C tomorrow. Which is to say, back to normal.

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