Derelict now available for preorder

Derelict, edited by David B. Coe and Joshua Palmatier is now available for preorder from the Kindle store.  All stories are original to this anthology.

Here’s the Table of Contents:
“Symbiote” by Kristine Smith
“The Wreck of the Sarah Mohr” by D.B. Jackson
“The Tempest in Space” by Griffin Ayaz Tyree
“Playing Possum” by Andrija Popovic
“Standing Orders” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
“Time, Yet” by Gerald Brandt
“Flight Plans Through the Dust of Dreams” by Kit Harding
“Saving Sallie Ruth” by Gini Koch writing as Anita Ensal
“Methuselah” by Jacey Bedford
“Celestial Object 143205” by Mark D. Jacobsen
“Mercy for the Lost” by Jana Paniccia
“When the Star Fell and the Levee Broke” by Alex Bledsoe
“Derelict of Duty” by Chaz Brenchley
“Two Ruins Make a Beginning” by R.Z. Held
“Orpheus” by Jack Campbell
“Decay in Five Stages” by Julie E. Czerneda

Here’s the blurb:  No one can resist the mystery of the abandoned ship–whether it’s the ghost ship found afloat at sea in the Bermuda Triangle or the spaceship drifting in the depths of space a la the movie Alien. What happened to the crew? What horror forced them to abandon their vessel and flee…or are they still on board, trapped or even all dead? In this anthology, we want authors to explore all of the possibilities when one runs across…a DERELICT.

And here’s your link.

NOTE:  Derelict was funded through Kickstarter.  Please check your status as a supporter before preodering.  Thank you.

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