Trader’s Leap is shipping and! Ambient Conditions Update

Don Blyly at Uncle Hugos Bookstore is working from home after his store was burnt out.  He tells us that the exclusive to the Uncles signed-via-tipped-in-sheets Trader’s Leap, the twenty-third novel of the Liaden Universe® by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, has arrived and is being shipped as he has time — he’s already packed some Canadian orders as well as a bunch of US orders.

The official publication date for Leap is December 1, but since Baen doesn’t usually embargo books (and Don’s house can only hold so many books) he’s going ahead now. He mentions that he has more than enough for the 150 or so pre-orders, and he’ll ship new orders first-come basis after the pre-orders are done.  If you haven’t yet ordered your signed edition of Trader’s Leap, now is the hour.  Here’s your link.

In other news, I have pushed the button to start the publication process of the paper edition of Ambient Conditions:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 31 (yes, written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller). It can take as long as 72 hours for print editions to make it through Amazon’s system, so patience is still in order.  I will post a buy link as soon as there is one.

The ebook edition of Ambient Conditions is still set to publish on November 27.

And that’s this morning’s news.

3 thoughts on “Trader’s Leap is shipping and! Ambient Conditions Update”

  1. Sharon, just checked Amazon and the paper edition of AMBIENT CONDITIONS is now live and available for order. I ordered it and it should be delivered to me on Tuesday.

    Anne in Virginia

  2. Sharon, received my paper copy of AMBIENT CONDITIONS, read it and enjoyed it tremendously. Reading the story from Kishara’s point of view was illuminating and satisfying, clearing up as it did some backstory points of interest and enriching my enjoyment of PREFERRED SEATING, not to mention deepening my understanding of the planet Colemeno’s highly unusual ambient condition and its effect on its inhabitants.

    Thanks and would love to have some more.

    Anne in Virginia

  3. I just bought and read Ambient Conditiins, and am very happy that you chose to write this companion story.
    Suddenly Preferred Seating made more sense to me. I knew I was missing a lot of the background, and this filled me in sufficiently to satisfy my mental puzzling.

    There are still plenty of interesting questions left, like what causes these ambient conditions (very interesting to see how it could fit into the existing metaphysical framework); how is the place doing “now”, a couple of centuries later, and what sort of impact has it had on the surrounding galactic culture. It seems it would make for some interesting effects on any culture arising locally (how does one deal with such cases developing from birth? Methods for shielding susceptible young minds, and to guard against misuse of powers?), and maybe – based on this one example – a strong policy of isolationism regarding on-planet visitors.

    Was the triggering event for Ambient conditions (linked to the root cause for) the start of the DoI’s insidious influence on Liaden?

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