Trader’s Leap eARC now available

For those who hunt the eARC, Trader’s Leap is now available.

Here’s your link.

EDITED TO ADD:  For those who read way faster than I write — there is a page set up for discussion of the eArc here.

Also!  Yes, I am accepting lists of typos, but ONLY at rolanniATgmailDOTcom.  Please use the subject Trader’s Leap TYPOS.  Please give me a search string, NOT a page number, because my pages are different from yours (a search string is:  “fierce it was, and winged”) and tell me what the problem is (fierce needs to be upcased.)  I will post more detailed instructions tomorrow, but if you’re one of those overachieving folks, these are the basics.

6 thoughts on “Trader’s Leap eARC now available”

  1. This is still not listed on the Baen homepage.

    It is, however available for sale.

    I am enjoying it immensely.

    Thank you.

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