Register NOW for AlbaCon in the Afternoon

Those who wish to attend AlbaCon in the Afternoon tomorrow, from 1 pm to 3 pm Eastern, may now register. You will be asked to provide Name, Email address, and State/Provence, so please have this information handy.
AlbaCon in the Afternoon will be hosting Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald.
Steve Miller will be reading from “Shout of Honor,” Sharon Lee will be reading from Trader’s Leap.
To register, click this link
You will receive a confirmation email with a link for the webinar.
Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Register NOW for AlbaCon in the Afternoon”

  1. Has anyone mentioned the similarities in the nano diamond batteries being developed and the internally powered Fractins featured in parts of your Liaden storyline? The universes of technical development and speculative fiction may not have many points of commonality so I felt the need to mention this thought.

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