Sharon Lee cozies to be audiobooks

The contract has been signed, so I can now reveal that!

Barnburner and Gunshy, two cozy mysteries set in Maine written by Sharon Lee, will soon be available as audiobooks, produced by Tantor Media.

Barnburner and Gunshy were first published by SRM Publisher LTD in 2002 and 2006, respectively.  Barnburner was also published as an ebook by Embiid, in 2002.

Both books are available as ebooks, from the Usual Suspects, and as paper books from Amazon.  They concern the adventures of one Jennifer Pierce, a native of Baltimore, who has inherited her aunt’s house in Wimsy, Maine.

Sharon Lee introduces us to Wimsy, Maine…a world built with the same attention to character, story, and setting that we have long expected in the Liaden Universe® books.  Like all her books, this one is a keeper…  — Modean Moon, author of RWA RITA Award winner The Covenant


5 thoughts on “Sharon Lee cozies to be audiobooks”

  1. Do we know who will be the…
    Reader (?) , Narrator (?)
    What do you call the person reading to us ?

  2. Goodness, aren’t you in a rush? I just got the co-signed contract back. The publisher has Some Time to issue the check, and a whole 12 months, I believe, to actually get the book into production.

    The wheels of publishing grind slow. Especially slow when viewed through the lens of the internet.

    I call the person reading the book the reader. I’ve seen other folks call them voice actors. I have a feeling that these are Technical Terms, and that I don’t have a Real Grasp of Nuance.

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