REMINDER! Pre-order your signed copy of Accepting the Lance!

The Uncle has spoken, to wit:

People have been asking all year when they will be able to order signed copies of the next Liaden novel by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Accepting the Lance ($25.00, expected early December), and you can get your copy personalized if you order by November 10.  We’ve just arranged to also have signed copies of two Liaden novelettes in trade paperback, Adventures in the Liaden Universe #28: Fortune’s Favor ($8.00, expected by mid-September) and Adventures in the Liaden Universe #29: Shout of Honor ($10.00, expected by mid-September).  These will be signed but not personalized.  If you wish to order all 3 Liaden books, we can either send the trade paperbacks right away (with a $6.00 shipping charge) and the hardcover in December (with another $6.00 shipping charge), or we can hold them all until December (and only have a single $6.00 shipping charge).  If you are ordering all 3 Liaden books, please let us know in the Order Comments section during checkout if you want one shipment or two shipments.  The Order Comments section is also where you should put your personalization request for Accepting the Lance.

Here is your link to the preorder page at Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore.

Here is the link to the Uncle’s newsletter, which lists events and lots of other opportunities to acquire signed books from your favorite author.

For those joining us for the first time:  Signed means that the authors will write their names in your book.  Personalized means that the authors will transcribe a short message supplied by you in your book, and also sign it.

Notes about personalized books:  The authors reserve the right to reject any personalization request for any reason.  This is solely up to the authors; there is no appeal.  Pro Tip:  The best way to make sure your personalization request is honored is to keep it short, keep it clean, and keep it polite.  Thank you.

All righty, then!  Start that pre-ordering.

One! More! Time!

Here’s the link.

3 thoughts on “REMINDER! Pre-order your signed copy of Accepting the Lance!”

  1. On a not completely unrelated note, I tried to pre-order the Kindle edition and it’s not yet available. Just information I thought the authors should have!

  2. Thank you. We do know this. It has to do with the fact that Baen sells eArcs. I’m not clear on the details myself. The kindle edition of …Lance, like the kindle edition of the previous books will be available for purchase on publication day, just like the paper book.

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