In which the Blue Scooter Arrives…Eventually

The Blue Scooter is in-house. Well. Garage.

Funny story about the scooter: It was supposed to have arrived between 3:45 and 7:45, only it didn’t. I was still waiting at 8:10, when a note popped into my mailbox from the Scooter Vendor, telling me that my package had been delivered to the garage at — wait for it — 4:45.

Given I was supposed to sign for the Scooter, this information surprised, but — UPS must’ve told the vendor, right? when the delivery was made? So, I scrambled outside to discover that!

There was no 34-poundish box in the garage.

The Other Side neighbor was walking down her drive, and it has occasionally happened that past deliveries for us have arrived on her kitchen steps, so I went across the lawn to talk to her, and — long story short — no scooter.

I then logged into MY UPS, which gives you the news straight from the TRUCK. And the TRUCK said — still out for delivery.

Oh. Great.

We waited some more and at 8:34, the TRUCK said — your package is in the garage.

Mind you, I have not signed for this thing, but — yes, the package was in the garage. Steve and I looked at each other, shrugged, and sealed up the garage for the night.

I mean – honestly!

We figure what happened was that, when the driver realized he was going to miss the delivery window UPS had guaranteed the vendor, he triggered the “delivery” button for the vendor. The vendor then sent me a message, stoopid vendor. If they had minded their own business, I wouldn’t have gotten all excited or had a chance to have a nice chat with the neighbor I see least.

Once the actual delivery was made, the Truck gave me the Factual Truth.

Anyhow. All’s well that ends well.

Or something like that.

Today, we have Assembled the Blue Scooter. Steve suggests it could reasonably be named Schrödinger, which is true. It could also easily bear Heisenberg. I will consider.

In the meantime, it’s bread-baking day, and also writing and all like that, so I’d better get going.

And, before I do get going: A shout-out to all the people who pitched in and got those quotes transcribed! You guys are AWESOME!

One thought on “In which the Blue Scooter Arrives…Eventually”

  1. heh Heh!

    I just took 3 loaves of sourdough out of the oven.
    the aroma is killing me–can’t WAIT!!!!

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