And I’m known by the name of Old Johnny Dhu

Yesterday arrived cool and cloudy.  We turned off the heat pumps and opened all the windows that will open and it was just…glorious.

Today is more of the same, with a tad more sun, and the windows in my office, by far the most window-rich room in the house, are open and the curtains are belling in the soft breeze.  If I hadn’t seen Maine do this before, I’d be declaring to y’all that Fall Has Arrived.  As it is, I’ll just mention that this is a welcome break, and that I’ll be working in the comfy chair in the window today.

For those following the saga of the Blue Scooter, the new wheel arrived yesterday.  Happen it will be changed in for the leaky wheel today, depending on Steve’s schedule, and I’ll be able to start with some practice, RSN.  I’ll also need to call the War Engineer, Builder of the Goblin Room, to stop by and noodle me up a ramp, or a pulley system or something so I can get in the front door when I come home from surgery.

This week coming, I have an appointment with the surgeon, and also with the nice ladies who will be doing the housecleaning while I’m off my feet, so they can see exactly what they’ll be getting into.

Also — I know you’ve all marked your calendars and have been planning for this event all year — next Sunday is Scrabble’s 17th birthday (observed).

As above, work continues on the WIP, which very nearly had a title last week, but…no.  Sigh.

And, that?  Is what’s going on here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory — business as usual: calm on the surface and frantically busy beneath.

Hope all of you living in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the drawing down of summer, such as it may or may not be, and also a peaceful weekend.

Today’s blog title comes to you from Gaelic Storm.  Here’s your link.

2 thoughts on “And I’m known by the name of Old Johnny Dhu”

  1. If he builds a wooden ramp – get some asphalt roof shingles to nail to it to provide a nonskid surface – mosses build up really fast on them with a damp climate and can be a problem. Usually a building supply place will have a broken package or two on hand and can provide a few cheaply.
    I also keep some on hand for winter icy patches.

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