eARC edition of Accepting the Lance now available

For those who indulge, the eARC edition of Accepting the Lance, the 22nd Liaden Universe® novel, created and co-written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is now available.  eARCs are electronic Advance Reading Copies; they will contain errors of formatting, grammar, and perhaps even spelling.  However!  There will be no major story changes between it and the final book, which will be available in All Its Perfection on December 3.

Here is your link to the eARC edition of Accepting the Lance.

12 thoughts on “eARC edition of Accepting the Lance now available”

  1. Does this mean what it looks like?
    That they’re not including the whole story? “Forthcoming (1/2 Ebook available 09/15/19; full Ebook available 12/02/19)”

  2. GACK! Ok, I’ve been going to Baen home page & clicking thru the left to right “Electronic Advance Reader Copies” slider & just now there was NO Accepting the Lance listed.

    OTOH, click on the “Buy Books” drop down menu & selecting “eARCs” & AtL was right at the top! ARGH!

    Ok, so I’m not griping at our esteemed authors, I know they write wonderful stories not abysmal web pages. But, just in case anyone wants to find the eARC of AtL, above is how ya go about it!

    Now, off to do a binge read instead of continuing the slog thru some other book. Today’s reading accompanied by Grateful Dead’s China Cat Sunflower followed by Unbroken Chain. The day is brighter already!

    Cheers All, Bob

    PS Yeah, I just got one of *those* senses of humor…

  3. No, it means that they’re trying to sell three things off of one link. The 1/2 ebook thingy is for the Baen Bundle, and the whole book will be available *in the Bundle* on the day the hardcover goes on sale.

  4. Please remind me if Accepting the Lance also warrants a “*” as used in the Internal Chronology list?

  5. From “http://sharonleewriter.com/correct-reading-order/”:

    Internal Chronology:

    Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Balance of Trade, Trade Secret, Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Mouse and Dragon, Conflict of Honors, Agent of Change, Carpe Diem, Plan B, Fledgling, I Dare, Saltation, Ghost Ship, Necessity’s Child*, Dragon Ship*, Dragon in Exile*, The Gathering Edge*, Alliance of Equals*, Neogenesis*


    *Portions of these novels occur simultaneously. If we do this right, by the time we’re finished with the Five Book Dash, readers ought to have a 365º view of the action.

  6. Um. I am working on a novel right now, and honestly? I don’t remember what Accepting the Lance is actually about. Maybe read the book, so you’ll know what it’s about, and then you can make a decision? I’ll be over here on deadline.

  7. Just downloaded LANCE and I have to say Baen’s website didn’t make it easy. But it is more than worth the effort and I am happily resigned to a sleepless night as I dive into the first chapter. I have long had the the hardcover on pre-order but I have NO patience so I do thank Baen for giving me the eARC to carry me over to release date. And thank you, Sharon and Steve, for all the hours of reading pleasure. Write on.

    Anne in Virginia

  8. I don’t really think I’m doing an ‘I love Lucy’ by buying the e-Arc and having the hardback on order. After all, I do want to have it on my kindle AND in my paws. 🙂
    Thank you Sharon and Steve and thank you Baen!!!

  9. started reading scifi/fantasy in grade 4 (1951). Once in a blue moon discover what I call salty-peanut books (1 is not enough & can’t stop reading until finished). Discovered your series last year – purchased them all & read them in 2.5 months. Can’t wait until December so will purchase the arc & the hardcover. Be well, love your work, never stop writing but take time to enjoy life in all its flavors.

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