Even more updatery

So, Steve has caught the Vile, Drippy Cold.  While I could have wished it would have skipped him, you really can’t fault the timing.  The coon cats are on medic duty in the living room; I am covering House, and getting back seriously to the manuscript.  I see many twelve hour days in my near future, if we’re going to turn this thing in on time, which!

I have foot surgery scheduled for October, with 6-8 weeks blocked out to heal.  While I don’t expect to goof off for an entire 6-8 weeks, I’m planning according to Worst Case Predictions, so any surprises will be pleasant.

Anyway, the book clearly needs to be done and handed in by the end of  September, latest, so that’s what will happen.

In other news, I ordered a tambour clock for the living room, so I can know what time it is when I’m in the living room and have failed to count the hours rung on the mechanical clock situated on the wall around the corner.  It is. . .not as large as I had anticipated (remembering my grandmother’s tambour clock — aka, the “mantle clock”), but, positioned properly, I can see it from the couch, and, because I can tell Analog Time, all I really need to see is the position of the hands.

To be fair, I did not pay Actual Mechanical Tambour Clock $$ for it.  While it is made out wood, it is battery operated, and it doesn’t chime (two competing chiming clocks would not do) and!  I didn’t have to buy another Stoopid Plastic Digital Clock that will die in two years.  I’ve purchased ‘way too many of those in my lifetime and I — just couldn’t do it again.

Today’s Game Plan, for those who are coaching at home — Steve resting (which is to say, not sitting at the computer.  A Very Savvy Doctor once explained to me that sitting at the computer, even doing “nothing” is not restingResting is resting.  As in so many things, she was correct.)

So, Steve resting.  Coon cats on duty.  Sharon with manuscript until it’s time to get lunch on the table.  More resting and working, after lunch, until it’s time for ice cream.  Resting and working until it’s time for supper, and being read to, and so to bed.

Yeah, it’s a tough schedule, but we’re going to do our best to keep up.

Everybody stay healthy.


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  1. Is it possible to catch that cold through blog posts? Because I am coughing and sneezing and need someone to blame! 🙂

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