Holding pattern

So, I don’t know whether it’s better to write a blog entry when, really, nothing is happening worth talking about, and therefore annoying the adrenaline junkies amongst us; or to not so post, and distress the worriers.


Steve’s version of the Vile Cold turned to pneumonia, and he’s been taking prescribed meds and getting some rest.  My version — decided to come back again, though not as drippy this time, and heavier on the coughing.  The coon cats are still on the case.  Work is going forth, albeit slowly.  The people in charge of sorting out the possible professional engagement in October have reshuffled themselves one! more! time! so no news on that front, then.

We will be doing an interview with Tony Daniels of the Baen Free Radio Hour later this afternoon, which will no doubt be fun.  Our plan is to change off hacking our heads off, so we’ll see how that works out.

If I am candid, I’d allow that, really, the biggest news right now, is the back yard.  We have, like, six cardinals living in the back yard, a fair mess of chickadees and goldfinchen, a few morning doves, a nice married couple of grosbeak, purple finches, downy woodpecker, and his cousin, red-bellied woodpecker, house sparrows, and the ever-popular flying fish — aka, the ruby-throated hummingbird.   We’re still feeding, so the action is up close and personal.

Especially thrilling has been the resident flyers’ discovery! of the birdbaths.  Mind you, I put them out months ago, wipe down and refill them every day, but the discovery happened only this week.  Now the things are littered with goldfinchen, and I’ve gone from thinking that putting out two saucers was too many to thinking that I might to install two more.

Down the bottom of the garden, the sea rose is going gangbusters.  I had hoped this year to place another up nearer to the house, but that went the way of planting the butterfly garden — between the Incredibly Rainy Spring and Life. . .well, next year will have to do.

On the subject of other wildlife, we had a skunk scoping the place out for a few days a couple weeks ago, but she finally decided we wouldn’t do, and moved on, leaving us the grey squirrels and the woodchuck, and perhaps the fox, though I haven’t seen her this year.

So, there you are — a surfeit of excitement, to be sure.  I hope I haven’t overwhelmed anyone’s capacity for thrills.

Here, have a picture of Trooper and Belle, overlooking the hummer bar.

9 thoughts on “Holding pattern”

  1. So is it viral pneumonia then? Watch out for those complications! Say, have both of you had BOTH pneumonia shots? Sharon, you watch your symptoms too.
    RE: photo . . .
    A familiar sight , indeed! This year my cat somehow discovered Squirrels!!! and learned how to hack her way out of the screen only to fall 2 stories to the ground in order to be able to pursue. So…no open windows for me, no matter how hot it gets.
    Meanwhile, the bird discovery at my house is the Hooded Oriole couple at the hummingbird feeders. It may be this year’s wet winter and spring, but whatever brought them to me, I’m the one who’s thrilled.

  2. Yep; we’ve both had our pneumonia shots.

    You need to have A Word with the Feline Union Rep in your area. This falling 2 stories cannot meet Union Safety Standards.

  3. Grosbeaks? Evening or Blackheaded? I have several of each at my feeder this year. Very pretty birds.

  4. Sharon, sorry to be so persistent…but clarity! Just to confirm: you have each had TWO different pneumonia shots. I am pursuing this because for some of us (me, for instance) both shots seemed to be necessary for a thorough immunity.

    Yes, there really ought to be *something* done! Why doesn’t this feline have the sense to confine her activity to watching, not chasing? Falling 2 stories is just not acceptable, even for young, nimble kitties.

  5. The pneumonia shots must work like the flu shots in that they reduce the possibility of contracting the flu, but don’t guarantee not catching it. A friend of mine had a bad bout of pneumonia a year or so ago, and she had also had both immunizations.

    I envy your rose breasted grosbeak; they come thru central MD in the spring when they are heading back up your way to spend the summer. They visit my sunflower seed feeder then, and I’m always pleased to see them come for a visit. They are really beautiful birds.

    I downloaded an app for my Moto phone that allows me to record bird calls and identify which bird I’m hearing and am quite thrilled about it.

  6. Thanks for setting my mind at ease. Ever since I discovered that my own doctor had neglected to ensure I had received both, I’ve been on a crusade, I guess.

    I wish you and the kitties all joy in watching the avian bathers.

  7. Sending well wishes and virtual soup to you both. The wildlife and bird watching sound delightful.

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