Update: Signed Constellation IVs from Uncle Hugo

News for those who pre-ordered signed and/or personalized copies of Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume Four from Uncle Hugo’s.

UPS tells us that five cases of this title will land on our doorstep tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29, sometime before 8 pm.

Steve and I will sign and/or personalize these books as quickly as we can without breaking a leg, or a wrist.

When we have finished signing the books, we will put them on a UPS truck to Minneapolis, so the Uncle can take care of the hard part of this transaction:  charging credit cards, and packing and shipping books.

We are at this point shooting for Friday as the day we will place the five cases of books on the UPS truck.  We would like that; it’s our goal.  But it may come about that the books will not leave us until Monday.  No later than Monday, though, we promise.

Here ends your news update.

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