REVISED News regarding Constellation Four preorders

REVISED NEWS you can use for folks who pre-ordered signed and/or personalized copies of Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume Four from Uncle Hugo’s!
The books sent out by the warehouse realized that they had been conditioned to do the will of Those Other Than Themselves, and went rogue.
As of this typing, the books have been re-acquired and brought back to a sense of proper unity and purpose.
However! They had strayed quite far from their mandated path before re-acquisition, and will therefore not raise the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory here in Maine until — next Wednesday.
Steve and I apologize for the delay, though as far as I can tell, there wasn’t anything we could have done to be certain it never occurred.

2 thoughts on “REVISED News regarding Constellation Four preorders”

  1. Well, you won’t have to spend your weekend signing books, which if the weather is nice in Maine will be a plus.

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