Professional Updatery

There are Four — 4, that’s FOUR — points of possibly interesting information below, to wit:

1. Accepting the Lance pre-order; 2. Podcast availability; 3. …Lance cover reveal; 4. How to order the cover art

For those who may be interested in such things — Liaden Universe® novel Accepting the Lance by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is now available for pre-order from Amazon*.  Here’s your link.

The podcast of Steve reading Lee and Miller’s short story, “A Choice of Weapons,” formerly only available to Patreon subscribers, has now been made public.
You may listen to it here.

A couple days ago, we showed you David Mattingly’s art, which was destined to become the cover for Accepting the Lance.

We are now pleased to show you the actual cover:


For those who aspire to own a print of the original artwork (shown here), David Mattingly often makes a limited number of his cover art for sale.  You may write to him at david at davidmattingly dot com.

*Hardcover only.  No, I don’t know why Baen ebooks cannot be preordered through Amazon or BN or, or, or — so it’s an Entire Waste of Your Time and My Time to ask me this, ‘k?

2 thoughts on “Professional Updatery”

  1. Hmm. I didn’t realize this was a Theo story, but she is part of the arc. I finally noticed the Laughing Cat on the ship 🙂 Which means all those ships facing her one ship are in for a world of hurt!

  2. This is the direct sequel to Neogenesis. And, not all books where Theo makes an appearance are “Theo” books. As difficult as it is to convince Theo of that.

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