Stalking the wild to-do list

Today so far. Ate breakfast. Put new pottery in cabinet*. Called credit union to be certain pay-off on mortgage has been received since it still shows as an open loan on the records I can reach through my computer, was pleased to hear that the pay-off has been received and recorded.
Went to credit union, applied at their invitation for a credit card, got turned down. Went to post office; no mail. Went to CVS, scored on items we were actually looking for. Went to grocery, stood around for a bit while the sticker shock wore off. Sorta. Bought groceries. Saw AZZHOLE truck**. Came home. Put groceries away.
Still on the to-do list: LAUNDRY, which I have been putting off because, really, who wants to do laundry?
Also, re-stocking the Hummer Bar, and cleaning the cat fountain.
After all that’s done, I will have three unimpeded days in which to write. Which is a fine thing, indeed.
*We were in Freeport yesterday on behalf on Something Else Entirely and bought some pottery at Georgetown Pottery.  It’s pretty; I’m happy.
**The pickup truck in front of us as we were leaving the grocery store this morning sported the vanity plates AZZHOLE, with an additional whole back window sticker: HARLEY DAVIDSON ASSHOLE INSIDE. And! another sticker: Save the Earth: Neuter and Spay all Liberals and Democrats.

As long as, yanno, we’re all staying civil.

3 thoughts on “Stalking the wild to-do list”

  1. I like it when they self select off my “engage courteously” list. Dude, I can just look at the tailgate of your truck and know I don’t want to know you. (Truck balls are really good for that too.)

  2. But at least with an AZZHOLE vanity plate nobody will say its false advertising.

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