The hurrieder I go. . .

So, one of the very many details which combined to create the Perfect Moment for Lee and Miller to purchase a long-desired city house was the willingness of our lender to accept a down-payment in two parts.  We were required to put 10% down when we closed, and, when we sold the country house, we could put however much more seemed good to us as a second down-payment, which would not only immediately reduce the principle, but also our monthly mortgage payment, without incurring any additional points or fees.  Essentially, it’s a free re-finance, which you may invoke Exactly Once.

Avid readers of this blog will recall that we closed on the country house on Tuesday.  The check representing our piece of the action cleared yesterday, and I contacted our mortgage lender to take advantage of the second down-payment.

Now, my mantra throughout this entire project has been “Sooner is better than later.”

I said this to our broker and she said, “Absolutely! Of course, there’s paperwork to be done, and recalculations to be made, and. . .”

Long and short of it, we will be meeting to take care of this business at the Very First Opportunity — that being next Friday.  At 8:30 am, making it the first item of business on the day.

After my initial sigh of disappointment that Monday had apparently been off the board even before I called, I realized that this date?  Is actually Perfect.

Not only is it a full moon in these parts, but, it is also the third monthiversary of our moving into the city house.

So, it’s actually all fallen into place neatly, and, as a bonus, we can still go see the Viking ship at Rockland on Monday.

And!  Since I do want to see the Viking ship at Rockland on Monday, I need to take this gift of three whole days with, ahem, “nothing to do” to write like the wind.

I hope everybody has a terrific weekend, and I’ll see you on the flip-side.

For those who are curious, here’s a pic of some of the pottery we bought at Georgetown Pottery.  The pattern is called hamada and cobalt.

6 thoughts on “The hurrieder I go. . .”

  1. Oh! Oh, those bowls are SO beautiful. Makes me wish I could go to Georgetown Pottery, too. (Alas, California, Here I Stay…) And I don’t know why, but just reading about all that timing clicking into place feels really, really good. Like Neogenesis.

  2. Auspiciousness.
    And Georgetown Pottery – I once thought I might furnish my kitchen with it, still might, one piece at a time.

  3. wow, their stuff is gorgeous! But, as one might expect for such beautiful stuff, a little pricey for my cheap German soul… 🙂

  4. Sharon,
    We may see you in the afternoon. Have a tour of the Viking ship scheduled for 3:30 pm. An easy excuse to go to the coast!

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