In which the last piece falls into place

On June 8, 1992, Steve and I shifted such belongings as we had, and the cats (the then-crew being Hypatia (Patia), Nick derFluffer (Nicky), and Kodiak Felicia Brown (Kodi)) from our rental house in Waterville to a country estate in Winslow.  As befit a country estate, we named it:  Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

On February 16, 2018, we made an offer on a house in the city, which was accepted the next day, and the fun began.

On April 27, 2018, we shifted the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory to the city house. . .

And, yesterday, July 17, 2018, after 26 years, one month, and 9 days, we transferred possession of the country estate to a young family, and we hope that the house will serve them as well as it served us.

All of which is to say that, the Lee-and-Miller household is again a one-mortgage family, and my stars and garters, isn’t that a relief.

In hindsight, the whole project was mad, from start to finish.  But!  We did it, and we’re pleased with all of the outcomes.

4 thoughts on “In which the last piece falls into place”

  1. May they be as happy with the outcome as you are, and may you be as happy with it as they are, and the warm glow of “at last” and satisfaction surround families in both houses.

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