Marching in Place

Today, there are no contractors on my schedule.

The painter is at work in the new house, and figures to be done by the end of next week. The contractor has been chosen to install the pantry which is even now being constructed to April’s specs.  Rug Guy Number One: The Measurer has been to the house and measured my office, and the bedroom.  Rug Guy Number Two: The Installer may call today to set up an installation time, but probably, says Rug Guy Number One, that’ll be Friday.

The estimate for the actual physical moving of Stuff from Here to There  has landed — they figure five hours to load and five to unload which — eek!  On the other hand, it took us almost 30 years to fill the place up, so — fair enough.

Just to show we’re Serious about this, shelf paper has been purchased.  Also BIG Post-it sheets, in order to create signage for the moving guys.  LR, DR, SHARON’S OFFICE, STEVE’S OFFICE, TECH ROOM. . .and so on.

To recap in Short Form: Things are still on schedule for us to shift by the end of April.  We will then do turn about with the various contractors, in order to get the old house ready to sell.

Today, I will be doing laundry, and packing, and perhaps taking a nap — all these early morning meetings are catching up with me.  Also, I need to start thinking about a short story.  And a novel, too — I haven’t forgotten the novel, trust me.  But it will be easier, in this brief day or two of relative peace, to think about a short story, and getting it off the to-do list will open a (relatively) uninterrupted swath of time for the novel.

The cats have been diligent in rewarding normal behavior.  Yesterday, we had page proofs to go over, an activity which was enthusiastically endorsed by both Belle and Trooper.  As I write this blog post, I have Trooper in his basket to the left of my keyboard, and Sprite in her basket to the right, both asleep and determinedly unconcerned.

And that? Catches us all up, I think.  Hope your week is running on-schedule, with quiet-time inked in.

Here’s a picture of Belle, helping with the packing.  What a work ethic that cat has!


4 thoughts on “Marching in Place”

  1. Cats are so helpful! (where HELP==HINDER, like a two-year-old human).

    I’m blessed with a kitty who wants to sit on my chest wile I’m working at the computer. trouble is, she can’t sit there if I don’t provide an arm to prop her in place. I’ve never been very good at one-handed typing. 🙁

  2. “Troooooper to the left of me!
    …Sprite is to my right!
    …Here I am
    … WRITE in the middle with you!”

  3. Our last move (9 years ago this week), I got all organized with labels on all the boxes, and all sorts of written matter, only to discover that at least one of our very nice moving guys could not read. If I ever do it again, colored labels. (Given the fact that we’d switched who got which study between the time many of the books were packed and labeled and the actual move some eight months later, probably just as well. At least they were both on the same floor.)

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