Moving right along

So, the painter says he’s outta there at the end of the week.  That means I need to contact Mike the Electrician to get him in the first of next week to fix the various issues.  Also, we’ll be able to start moving some things into the New Digs over the weekend.  It would be A Good Thing and Worthy if the Rug Guy #2:  The Installer could manage to get in next week and do his thing, too.  Fingers crossed.

We have visited the cable company and lined up the change of address/service.  I think.  We are assured that we will be able to keep the phone number that we’ve had for 28 years, though there had initially been some question about that for reasons that I never did understand.  I mean, we were first given the number when we were living in Waterville and brought it across the river(s) with us when we bought this house.  Why bringing in back across the river(s) would be any kind of problem is beyond me.  But!  Whatever the problem was, it has been made To Go Away, and that’s good enough for me.

The cable guy of course pulled up our account while we were talking to him, and was impressed that we’ve been with “the company” for twenty years (actually, we’ve been with several companies and never changed once:   we subscribed to, back in the day, which was then sold to Roadrunner, which was then sold to Time-Warner, which was then sold to Spectrum.  And here we are.) — and also noted that we, err, didn’t subscribe to a cable plan.

We explained that we used the service to access the internet and our landline.  Oh, said the cable guy, so you stream movies over the internet?  Well, no; we said not so much that, either, really.  We might watch the occasional DVD on a night off, but mostly we read.

Read, the cable guy repeated, on a rising note.

Yes, we said; read.  Books.  We come from the past, where people read for enjoyment.

A moment of silence, then:  So, it’s a lifestyle thing, said the cable guy.

That’s right, we said gently; it’s a lifestyle thing.

On the business side of life, we’ve signed two contracts over the last week.  One to tidy up an existing contract; and the other for the publication of A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume Four.  There’s no publication date set yet; we’re to deliver the manuscript in August.

I think that gets us caught up.  Hope everyone is having a pleasant Monday.

Oh, the flowers are starting to bloom at the New Digs.  Here’s a pic from the back yard:

9 thoughts on “Moving right along”

  1. Oh, mine too, Kathryn.

    I work in a library, and people are always amazed that I haven’t seen any of the DVDs we lend, because when I go home after 8 or 9 hours on a computer I’d prefer to read.

    Now I can say “books – it’s a lifestyle thing!” with a big smile.

    Thank you, Sharon!

  2. re flowers, except for the blue things in the UL corner (anyone know what they are?) its all crocus, a harbinger of spring every year.

  3. You’ll be moving late enough in the spring that you should at least be able to take clumps of some of your perennials to the new place and thereby maintain familiarity and continuity. Moving house is more than moving furniture.

  4. Maybe we could get an order together for t-shirts: “Books – It’s a Lifestyle Thing.”

  5. I have glory of the snow. I love them, but mine are almost over now. Chinodoxia is the species name, I believe.

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