The obligatory award eligible post

People ask; author answers.

Yes, Steve and I* published some work that is eligible for the various 2017 awards.  Follows a list:

Series Hugo**: The first novel in the Liaden Universe® was Agent of Change, published by Del Rey as a paperback original in 1988; Neogenesis, the twenty-first Liaden Universe® novel will be published in January 2018.  In addition to those twenty-one novels, there are more than two dozen shorter works also set in the Liaden Universe®.

The Gathering Edge, Baen Books, May 2017

Due Diligence, Pinbeam Books, July 2017

Street Cred, Pinbeam Books, March 2017
Block Party,, December 2017

Short Story:
Cutting Corners,, April 2017
Dawn’s Early Light, All Hail Our Robot Overlords, Zombies Need Brains, August 2017

For the purposes of this exercise, we use this word count scale:

Novel 40,000 plus
Novella 17,500 – 39,999
Novelette 7,500 – 17,499
Short Story under 7,500

*“Steve and I” = Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
**Thank you to Alert Reader Linda Shoun for pointing out that the Liaden Universe® is more than qualified for the Series Hugo.

8 thoughts on “The obligatory award eligible post”

  1. Mostly provided for those who vote on Hugo Awards, or Dragon Awards, or Locus Awards. And for the occasional blogs/magazines/whatever who didn’t do their Best Ofs in September. It’s an exercise in futility that every author goes through at the end of the year. Well, no; let me rephrase: Not *complete* futility, because it does also remind readers of work that was published during the year, in case they might have missed something.

  2. A minor boring detail: Novelette tops out at 17,499, not 16,999, but I imagine you didn’t have any works at the upper end there.

  3. The 2018 Dragon nominations are open. Which of your Liaden works are eligible for which categories? I know Theo and Val Con have at least one novel eligible, but what about shorter works?

  4. It’s foolish of me, but I have no idea of the Dragon Award categories. Are they for works published in 2018? Got a pointer to the award guidelines?

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