It’s seven o’clock and I wanna rock

I seem to have mislain my (old and falling apart) copy of The Prince and the Pauper.  Fortunately, I downloaded a copy from Project Gutenberg some time back.

Let’s see. . .yesterday was Friday — errand day in town.  We had an early appointment with a loan officer, who thinks far more of our finances than we do; which is fine, as she herself said.  No need to spend up to the limit, after all.

After the bank, we went next door to AAA, and had the nice lady make our train reservations To Memphis And Back Again.  We have tickets and receipt in hand.  Note to self: remember to forward receipt to the con for reimbursement.

After that, we went to the vet to pick up some cat food, to Tractor Supply for ditto, and to Hannaford, to pick up prescriptions and foodly things.  Came home, and had crab cakes and fresh steamed green beans for supper.  Mmmmm.

We hired a buyer’s agent, who has taken our modest list and will begin lining up showings, and I actually got some work done, too.

This morning, I read a short piece that will soon be posted for subscribers on our Patreon page (Belle participating by sitting on my lap, and purring.  Loudly.  Listeners will probably be able to hear her.  I hope they’ll be able to hear me.)  When I finish this blog post, I’ll do the dishes, and then! — I’ll sort laundry.

No, I don’t know how I stand the pace, either.

Fifth of Five now at 37,000ish words out of a probable, oh, let’s see. . .100,000?

Captain Waitley wasn’t quite what Portmaster Liu had been expecting.

No, scratch that, in a lot of ways, Captain Waitley was exactly what Portmaster Liu had been expecting: short for a Terran, tall for a Liaden, lean for the height she did have; shoulders showing attitude under a Jump jacket older and bigger than she was. Whatever else she was – and recklessly negligent wasn’t off the table, in Portmaster Liu’s not-exactly-objective opinion – Theo Waitley was definitely a member of Boss Conrad’s extended family, Clan Korval. Portmaster Liu had been spending a lot of time lately with the Boss and the Boss’s little brother, the Road Boss; she knew the family look when she saw it.

7 thoughts on “It’s seven o’clock and I wanna rock”

  1. I can’t recall…have Theo and Aunt Kareen ever crossed paths? It strikes me that such an encounter could be quite…interesting. But then Aunt Kareen and Theo’s mother are now friendly. Hmmm. Would that mitigate the shock factor or just make it go underground? But just thinking of Theo on Surebleak…I feel rumblings. And of course I could be wrong. Being surprised when things work out to be not what I expected is one of the delights of these books.

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