Rainy Monday

So, yesterday was a work day, and I worked.  Five hundred words on an as-yet nameless short piece destined for a chapbook; and about 2,000 words on Fifth of Five.

Today. . .isn’t looking good on the work front.  Our very efficient agent has lined up a tour of our list of possible houses, which is going to eat most-if-not-all of the afternoon.  This morning, I need to do the dishes I ignored yesterday because — working, and also clean the cat fountain, which as decided to stop fountaining.  I Suspect Cat Fur in the motor; it’s happened before.  Somewhere in there, too, I need to call the doctor because This Has Gone on Long Enough, and wedge in an evening appointment.  Or maybe early tomorrow.

So that.

On the topic of shorter works (by which I mean not novels), is there a story you — yes, you! — would like to read?  I anticipate that we will be writing several new stories/new chapbooks, and we’re open to suggestions.  Let me know in comments.

And now. . .I’d better get with the dishes.

Everybody stay dry.

Oh:  Fifth of Five +/-39,000 of a theoretical +/-100,000 words
Titleless short story 500 words of whoknows

Snippet:  In the port city of Solcintra, on a certain day in the third relumma of the year called Phantione, a boy was delivered to the delm of Clan Serat, who did not want him.

23 thoughts on “Rainy Monday”

  1. Would love a short story from the perspective of a Korval cat. Can’t say I’ve read one of those to date.

  2. I second the idea of a Korval cat story, or I am always in favor of any additional Clutch views. Best wishes and happy house hunting!

  3. Setting up housekeeping on Liad. The building of Jelaza Kazone and the disposition of the Quick Passage.

  4. I would like to read something about halfway Jethri and Val Con. Perhaps giving us more on one of the quotes from the logbook.

    Or, a story shortly after the arrival on Liad. How the clans, especially Korval are getting themselves established.

  5. In addition to learning more about how Liad got set up, I would really like a story that deals with how the Yxtrang became so estranged from civilian society. What happened there?

    I think this might verge into spoilers for the next book, but I would also like to hear more about how Diglon and his (first) wife are getting on. I thought that was a sweet story.

  6. I would love to see something about Aelianna’s father. The little glimpses we have were interesting. Although it doesn’t seem possible for them to meet or interact, from the text, I think he never forgets his daughter, and would have loved to have taken part in her life, even a little.

  7. I’m interested in how the clans first expanded from Liad to other planets. Did the “lesser clans” get fed up with the 50 “high houses?”

  8. Now that we know that Daav has half-brothers or sisters from Due
    Diligence any chance that one might show up on Surebleak

  9. How Ms. Audrey had started and established
    Jethri, of course, but thats also worth another novel
    The life of Moonel in episodes, each related to an outstanding piece of juwelry, of course also featuring those we already know

  10. Would like to find out how Sinit Caylon, Aeliana’s younger sister has made out over time. Maybe she too will find her way to Surebleak.
    Also I feel that the tree that just arrived with Theo should get further mention and how it and the Elder tree plan it’s next voyage, maybe as the ambassador to the Turtles home planet.
    Thanks again for the rich adventures.

  11. Seconding Gail H. Founding of Tiazen clan would be interesting.
    Also, seconding Anne Young, would be great to learn more about Cantra and Tor An’s first few years on Liad.

  12. I would add my vote to a story of / by the Korval cats. But I am also a dog-lover, and would love a story about Jelaza Kazone acquiring a dog or puppy or even a litter of puppies, for maximum cat indignation.

    Speaking of dogs, a story to check in on Borril and his mistress would be lovely. Or Hakan and Kem. Zhena Trelu visiting Jelaza Kazone with Borril. Hakan and Kem visiting Surebleak as guests for a music festival. Well, you probably get the drift. I miss those characters.

  13. I keep wondering about the event(s) that caused the death of Daav’s mother and the damaging of Er Thom’s mother. We know that something happened and we have Daav’s log entry about the “balances” that ensured (and his note that even after the balance his mother is STILL dead).

    Can we get a story that enlightens us a bit more?

  14. I add my vote for a story on Jethri and I hope too that the next batch of stories under contract, after Fifth of Five, will include a new full length Jethri novel.

    Anne in Virginia

  15. People ask for this one pretty frequently, but from the hints in the Diary entries, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to write this story — and if I do it right, you wouldn’t want to read it.

  16. What exactly happened to Er Thom and Anne?

    Grevious losses.

    Still in mourning for those Two?

    It is too much!

  17. I can’t help wondering if Theo has half-siblings on Delgado – something tells me that an older half-brother was taken up by the DoI to its later discomfort….

  18. Jethri
    anything Trader
    We’re moving to town? Closer to medical attention?
    Like the cats, all of us are coming along with you, if you’re moving.

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