In which the day is Thursday and Thursday is the day

First, because I know y’all have been holding your breath — two! editors give “Block Party” a thumbs-up, so that will be published to on or about December 15, where you — yes, you! — may read it in all it’s glory, for free.

Second, I’ve spent the last two days under the weather — yes, I do wish the weather would pick on someone else, but there you have it.  Tuesday, I just threw in the towel, retired to the corner of the couch, dozed under a blanket of coon cats and read Wildfire at Midnight, possibly my least favorite Stewart, but next in publication order.  Yesterday, I started feeling well enough by evening to write about 2,000 words in a continuing direction in Fifth of Five, so that’s all good.  This morning, I’m definitely feeling more the thing; still, I’m lingering over coffee, keeping  a weather-eye out, before I go off to gym.

This morning, it is quite chilly, and I am wearing the fleece-lined-flannel shirt/jacket (it has sideseam pockets, which I suppose makes it a jacket, rather than a shirt), over the “If you can read this, I have your ring” tshirt.  Steve asked how the flannel shirt felt, and after I finished cooing about how soft and warm it was, wondered if I should buy another.  And, yanno; I’m seriously considering it.  Best. Shirt. Ever.  Even if it is orange.

I may have been remiss here in mentioning that the Narbonic Kickstarter has only 11 more days to go.  They have made their nut, and are into the stretch goals, but if you were a fan back in The Day, you know you want to check this out.

And that?  Is the news that’s fit to print.  I do believe I’ll go to gym.

Fifth of Five still weighing in the 35,000 range, what with this and that.


Bitter Truth?” she asked, feeling her eyebrows rise. “Who names a tea Bitter Truth?”

“Obviously, the White Wing Beverage Company does, though in earnest or in jest, I dare not speculate.”


6 thoughts on “In which the day is Thursday and Thursday is the day”

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Which is your favourite Mary Stewart book?

    I’m looking forward to ‘Block Party’.

    No spoilers – I loved Neogenesis e-ARC. Thank you for putting a certain short story in the book.

  2. Y’know, I’m not sure I have a favorite Mary Stewart — anymore, at least. I remember re-reading Airs Above the Ground, and This Rough Magic, and I think I had Thunder on the Right in my books when we moved to Maine, 29 years ago. A “favorite” may emerge during the present re-read.

  3. Are you reading Mary Stewart on a ereader? and, if so, how, what, where? This would be great news to me.
    Oh, forgive me, Hi, hope things go better in days to come, read the earc, impressed, will be reading it again, how’s the weather, all the social things I forgot.

  4. All of Mary Stewart’s romantic thrillers and a couple of her shorter works were released in electronic format sometime earlier this month. The Kindle versions were priced pretty reasonably — $.99 to $2.99 each. Not sure if that was a special thing or the regular pricing.

    The weather is fallish for New England; today was sunny and cool and tomorrow they’re calling for more of the same.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the Narbonic Kickstarter. I still have my copies of The Perfect Collection, which I had to get after my kids loved some of my original volumes to death, but the new books look tasty.

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