Monday morning round-up

We’ve had something of a busy few days here at the Confusion Factory.

Last week, Steve graduated from cardio-gym and is now on the Third Phase, which is going to the cardio-gym early on Monday and Wednesdays and doing what he’s been doing, with the same personnel on-staff, but without the various measurements at the beginning, middle, and end of the session.  This means a change of schedule, including rising Much Earlier in the Day than I, personally, care to do, but that’s life.  I’ll be going to gym around Steve’s schedule — Tuesdays and Thursdays in the early hours, with refinement of the afternoon and evening hours as we go forward.  Since I have for all of my life been an evening/night writer, this may entail afternoon naps, which ought to please the cats.

In writing news, the page proofs for the Alliance of Equals mass market edition landed late last week, and have been added to the mix of Tasks to Be Done.  Also!  The first in a series of Lee-and-Miller Read Lee-and-Miller podcasts has been moved from Patreon to Splinter Universe LIVE.  You can listen to Steve read “A Night at the Opera” at this link.

We’ll be posting more of these to SULIVE, as they age off of our Patreon page, so remember to check back.

We are also, in light of the. . .substantial number of emails we’ve gotten from people who either want paper chapbooks, or the Excitement of the Annual Yule Chapbook, or want a return to Olden Times. . .

We cannot any of us return to Olden Times, so that’s right out.

But we can, perhaps, accommodate the wish for paper chapbooks, and even, maybe, for the Annual Yule Chapbook.

So, we’re running an experiment.  Amazon has a. . .program where those who have published ebooks with them may convert those ebooks into paper books.  This is an expensive process, as Amazon takes 40% off the top of cover price, and then charges printing costs from the author/publisher’s 60% royalty.  It’s also somewhat time-consuming, as is working with any template program that is based on Assumptions.  However!  With determination and enough wine, it can be done, as I proved this weekend by converting both Barnburner and Gunshy to paper books and putting them on sale.  The reason we chose these titles to experiment on first is that they convert into 5X8 paperbacks, which is an easy convert (part of the test was to see how “easy” easy was).  Based on my time and effort expended this weekend, we anticipate that converting to chapbook will be somewhat more time-consuming, though still doable.

We will, eventually, convert an actual Liaden chapbook, but that experiment has to wait in line behind work with a deadline attached.

For those interested, here’s the link to Barnburner.  (Which Amazon has decided to discount, so it will be interesting to see how that affects our royalty rates from them.)

Here’s the link to Gunshy.

The downside to this, besides the expense, is that these books would only be available through Amazon, which is whimsical at the best of times and downright malicious at the worst.

So, there’s that.

For those who have been asking anxiously about progress on Fifth of Five. . .progress progresses, more slowly than I had anticipated, but picking steam up as the new meds kick in.

. . .and I think that catches us all up.

Everybody do your best to enjoy Monday, OK?

Let the coon cats lead the way.

5 thoughts on “Monday morning round-up”

  1. Sharon, have you and Steve investigated the Bookdesigntemplates DOT com people? I checked them out several years ago and bought a template after talking with Internet writer friends who have used them. (Then Alan fixed something about a document I had from another book maker, ran with it,, and I never used my template. Saving it perhaps to do a book for a friend.)

    But they have some lovely ones, chosen to look good in print or ebook (some fonts can collapse or get squinty with POD, I found out.) They run sales, and have agreements where you use the template for one book, for as many of your own as you want, or a template to become a small “house” style.

    I realize I am out of the loop, and you guys may not have time to mess with this. But in case you have not heard about them, I know satisfied customers.

    (My POD are currently at CreateSpace, but would love alternatives to the potential evil empire.)

    Glad to see your mysteries back in paper. There is something satisfying about fleeing to a special place with a portal in your hand.

  2. I had not heard of this. Thanks for the tip!

    Yeah, a source other than The Big River for Everything would be…comforting. Still looking…

  3. Interesting that the cats arranged themselves into traditional u-shaped conference table formation. What might they be working on?

  4. For my own small press I have made good use of Lightning Source. They are owned by Ingram, and thus using them for POD means you can get in their catalog (for an annual $12 fee per title/format).

    If you’re interested and want to know more, give me a ring and we’ll talk.

  5. Oooo, yay!! I own, and have read and reread, both titles in e format on my Nook, but have always wished for physical copies! Thanks so much. They are ordered and on their way.

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