Ghost in the machine

So, the adding machine woke me up at 5 a.m. by running crazily — kaCHUNGkaCHUNGkaCHUNG, lather, rinse, repeat, just like a cat was laying on the keyboard (or just playing with the sound.  Belle, in particular, likes to smack the + key just to set of a series of kaCHUNGS.  You can see her giggle when she does it, too.).

I got up — not easy, because Trooper was pushed against my stomach, and had allowed his personal gravity to bond with the earth’s core — went into my office (conveniently located right across the hall from the bedroom), and did, in fact, find Belle — asleep in Her Special Corner of my office (formerly Mozart’s Special Corner of my office).  In the meantime, the adding machine was going off like a shotgun, even though it was turned off.

I pulled the plug, not at all sure that would fix the problem, but it seems to have done, and now I’m trying to decide:  short circuit? (it’s quite an old adding machine, circa 1997); solar flare?  ghost trying to work out the monthly budget for ectoplasm*?

Got back to bed to find Trooper had vacated, and managed to go more or less back to sleep, so all’s well.  More or less.

Now to go find breakfast.  I’m thinking a toasted English muffin with cream cheese and a side of fresh fruit.  With coffee.  Perhaps even a lot of coffee.

And so to work.

Everybody have a good Saturday.

*the WordPress on-board dictionary does not recognize ectoplasm as a word.  For shame, WordPress dictionary.

One thought on “Ghost in the machine”

  1. Cosmic rays.
    Or neutrinos would be good.
    Yeah, neutrinos from a supernova.
    You have a supernova reckoning distance scales on your calculator.
    And I have to go get coffee…

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