Where were we?

Ah, we were promoting The Gathering Edge, which came out on Tuesday of last week, the longest week of recent memory.

We had fun at the A(sk) M(e) A(nything) on Reddit, and had some good questions.  For those who couldn’t make it, the transcript is available for your perusal.  Here’s the link.

Those who have (already!) read The Gathering Edge, please consider leaving a review at Amazon, BN, Goodreads, &c.  The more reviews, the more exposure for the book, the better the chances of the Liaden Universe® pulling in new readers.  Thank you.

Those who want to talk about The Gathering Edge with other readers, there’s a spoiler discussion at this link.

As reported yesterday, all of the pre-ordered signed and personalized copies have shipped from Uncle Hugo’s.  If you haven’t already received your book, it is on its way.

If you didn’t pre-order, and now find that you want a signed copy of The Gathering Edge (where “signed” means “the authors wrote their names in the book”), the Uncle does have a few that need homes.  Here’s your link.

This coming Saturday, May 13, from 1-3 pm, Steve and I will be hosting a meet ‘n greet/book signing at Barnes and Noble in the Marketplace in Augusta, Maine.  Here’s your link.

So, there’s that.  A couple out-of-state bookstores invited us to come to them for events supporting TGE.  We regretfully turned them down, as we are still ruled by doctor appointments and cardio-gym, and the constraints of having only one driver on the team.  We will find out at the end of May whether Steve is cleared to drive again, and are cautiously optimistic.  Cautiously so as not to be Plunged in The Slough of Despond(tm), if clearance is withheld.

In the meantime, we have some fun things on the schedule — we intend to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Wednesday, for instance.  And, of course, Fifth of Five has some claim on our attention, so we’re not bored, even if we’re boring.

Everybody be good.

Here’s a publicity shot from earlier in the week.

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