Pinbeam Books on Sale at Baen

The last bundle of five Pinbeam Books titles has gone up for sale today at Baen ebooks.  Here’s your link.

The November bundle includes:
Master Walk, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Surfside, Archers Beach #4, by Sharon Lee
The Gift of Magic, Archers Beach #5, by Sharon Lee
Spell Bound, Archers Beach #6, by Sharon Lee
TimeRags, by Steve Miller

You may also buy each title separately, if you prefer.

3 thoughts on “Pinbeam Books on Sale at Baen”

  1. I really enjoyed Master Walk. Though it’s not a Liaden story I noticed some similarities to, perhaps, Balance of Trade, and the information exchange part reminded me of Necessity’s Child a little. Completely different setting, though.

    I imagine there won’t be more from that world?

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