Mixed bag, with fame, and toydrake

As advertised, Steve and I are reading A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny one chapter a night, starting on September 30, and ending on Halloween (some folks have reported being able to download this as an ebook; I can’t find it myself, so if anyone can give a tip to those still looking, it would be appreciated).

So far, on our journey, we’ve met Snuff, our narrator; Jack; the graveyard dog; Greymalk; Cheeter; Needle — and heard news of Nightwind; Morris and McCab; the Great Detective and his companion; Crazy Jill; the Mad Monk Rastoff; Quicklime; the Count; and the kindly Druid.  And let us not forget that curious  paw print in the yard…

Mysteries are starting to pile up, and there turns up a curious question — Are you an opener?  or a closer?#

# # #

Yesterday, the coon cats and I spent many hours on the sofa, mapping out the Rest of the Story.  We decided to cut out one narrative line for lack of space, and package it as a short story; and I think have a working strategy for getting everyone at the corner of Elm and 10th Street at the same hour on the date appointed.  I have pointed the Auctorial Finger of Doom at several characters.  We’ll see how well I do this time.

The whole stream of consciousness doc has gone to Steve for review.  There is a brainstorming session in our very near future.

# # #

Let’s see, what else?

Steve and I have been making an effort to bring more light into the house — this is in literal, rather than the metaphorical, sense.  To that end, we have acquired an LED arc lamp to illuminate the living room.  Steve has replaced his ancient (WWII vintage) desk lamp with a jazzy new LED lamp; I have a reading lamp in my upgraded reading corner, and we have placed a torche-thingy in the bedroom, which we’ve angle at the ceiling, and which illuminates the whole room.

What a difference a few lamps makes.

On that theme, my desk lamp (with full spectrum light tubes) blew out on Saturday.  I’ve ordered in a replacement bulb, which will be here, it says here, on Friday.  And not a moment too soon.

We still need to do something better about illuminating the bathroom and the kitchen.  I’m thinking we should look into LED bulbs to replace the big globe- lights-onna-bar that were fashionable a while back, since we’re working with what we’ve got as much as possible. The kitchen. . .

The kitchen will require Creative Thinking.

# # #

So, it’s Wednesday, and I’m for the volunteer gig in a little while.  While I’m gone, you can read the Spotlight interview from Locus, here (please note that this is a pdf file):    lee-miller-locus-oct-2016

I hope everybody has a pleasant day.


9 thoughts on “Mixed bag, with fame, and toydrake”

  1. Look around I bet you can find LED’s for the globe lights. I was amazed what shape and sizes LED’s come in. Had some fancy “candle” lights. You know the kind where the bulb is made to look like a candle flame. Found LED’s for them

  2. I have just looked on amazon.com, and found it listed among their kindle books – it may be worth looking there periodically, in case it is one of those “now you see it, now you don’t” publications. Good luck to all searchers.

  3. I searched, but didn’t see any legitimate ebooks of A Night in the Lonesome October for *sale.* However, there seem to be quite a few sites offering the opportunity to read it online, or download it for free.

  4. I should have made it clear that my reference in the above post was to A Night in the Lonesome October….

  5. Here is the link to the paperback version at Amazon:

    A search at Albris finds 42 copies of the book available used at various prices. Beware that there is a book titled Night in the Lonesome October written by Richard Laymon that the title search may pull up.


  6. I have some concerns about that edition, having never heard of a publisher called “Farrago,” with “First ebook publication of a fantasy classic – essential October reading.” sending off additional warning bells, as this is not, um, Grown Up Publisher Speak.

    If I go to a fresh link (rather than following yours, which (I guess) is cached in your smile account, I see that someone else has apparently had the same concerns — the ebook edition is currently not for sale.

  7. Ah. I was confused the call was for an ebook link, and someone on Eagles had offered a link to a…suspect ebook listed on Amazon.

    So I made an assumption.

  8. The postman left my eBay copy in the mailbox today. It is a former library hardcover book – it seems to be in very good condition, and has the plastic over the dust jacket, so it should withstand my habit of having liquids nearby while I read. I cannot catch up to you others tonight, but Sunday night is booked for fifty or so pages of intense catching up!

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