Book the Next no more

Gentlebeings, I gather you here this morning to impart glad tidings.

Book the Next, formerly known as Fourth of Five, the twenty-first novel set in the Liaden Universe®, created out of whole cloth by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller!

Has at long last accepted a title.

Hereinafter, Book the Next will be known as. . .


And there was much rejoicing.


11 thoughts on “Book the Next no more”

  1. And the multitudes did rejoice and sang and danced in the streets and choirs of angels joined them. Well, except for Charlie. Charlie wouldn’t eat genetically modified foods and was deeply concerned about anything called “Neo-Genesis”…

  2. Indeed, indeed.
    There’s always a Charlie, but what do you expect when people keep doing tings to him (See the Charlie the Unicorn cartoons).

    Now maybe some more Neo-Genesis snippits will surface.

  3. Cool! I’m so happy that the title has revealed itself. It’s like naming cats: One has to live with them for a while before they tell you their true name. I wait with intense anticipation for snippets or other crumbs from the masters’ table.

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