Way Station

So! For those who may have missed the news, yesterday saw the arrival of a check and 13 boxes (250 books) of Alliance of Equals.

Here’s the plan re:  Alliance of Equals.

Steve and I have already signed six boxes of books, and done all of the personalizations.  Today, three of those boxes (including all the personalizations and such autographed editions as fill the shipment out) will board a FedEx truck.  They should arrive in Minneapolis tomorrow, Saturday, latest, which will give the Uncle and his crew time to start getting them in the mail.

In the meantime, we here at the Confusion Factory will finish signing the other seven boxes after breakfast, call UPS and get them outta here this afternoon.  In a just and merciful universe, they will arrive in Minneapolis on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

This is not a perfect solution, but it’s the best one we could come up with.  We again thank everyone for their patience. For more information regarding the need for patience, see this post.

No writing yesterday.  Very probably none today.

Tomorrow will be better, Mrs. Miller.

One size fits all June 22 2016

5 thoughts on “Way Station”

  1. 13 boxes of books on the wall,
    13 boxes of books,
    empty one out,
    sign it about,
    12 boxes of books on the wall.

  2. We used to sign +/- 1500 for to fulfill the Meisha Merlin, back in the day, but we didn’t feel compelled to do All Signing in a Day, and could space it out over a couple weeks. ‘course, we also had to pack and mail those.

  3. Erm. I’m sure there’s some sort of reason why your incoming-revenue checks are sent via USPS rather than being sent magically via the Interwebs. But it is a tad baffling, in this era.

    I’m just glad that a few of our bills still arrive that way.

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