She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway

Woke up ‘way too early in a panic, and despite the best combined efforts of Belle, Trooper, and Sprite, couldn’t make it back to sleep. Finally relocated to the living room, lest I wake Steve, and opened the window over the couch so I could listen to the rain.

Looking at the calendar, I see that we’re going to be busy, soon and briefly.

Monday-coming is July 4 (Independence Day, for those who do not partake of USian holidays), which doesn’t really have much to do with us, since we don’t plan on attending any fireworks displays this year.  But!  It does start off the rest of the week with a bang.

Tuesday, July 5, Steve and I will be in Albany, NY, for a release day party! for Alliance of Equals at Flights of Fantasy.  The festivities start at 7 pm, and we hope to see a whole bunch of y’all there.

Wednesday, July 6, is Sprite’s fourth birthday, and we naturally have a full day of fun, magic, music, and napping planned.

Thursday, we get a little bit of breather before plunging into the weekend.

Friday, July 8, you’ll find us at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester (despite the fact that we are not listed on the calendar), from 7-9 pm, talking books and signing them.

Then! on Saturday, July 9, we’ll be at Toadstool Books at Lorden Plaza in Milford NH from 2-4 pm to read from Alliance of Equals, answer questions and of course, sign books.

Sunday, I’ll believe we’ll sleep late, veg out, and maybe watch Tomorrowland, which we’ve had sitting around forever.

What else?

Ah.  For those playing along at home, Book the Next did, last night, move a few words in a forwarder direction.  So, yanno, yay.

Also, since it’s raining quite heavily, and Steve needs to be in one place, while I’m wanted someplace else — the omens all indicate that the books will arrive today.

. . .and that’s all I’ve got.

Who else has plans for next week?


Progress on Book the Next
37,228/100,000 OR 37% complete

“I see,” he said. “How will I know her?”

“She will know you.”

Belle is purring in her sleep May 5 2016

Almost forgot…Today’s blog post title comes to you courtesy of Matchbox Twenty, “3 AM.”  Here’s your link.

5 thoughts on “She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway”

  1. After having ‘Tomorrowland’ sit and occupy space on my hard drive for months, we finally watched it two days ago. We were… underwhelmed. I’ll be curious to hear your impression.

  2. Well, on workdays, work…beginning to see light at the end one project’s tunnel. The long weekend will be an opportunity to go out and do some solo trailwork, which means Thursday and Friday will be packing days.

  3. I will be working whatever random shifts the retail gods tell my boss to schedule me, while waiting impatiently for a call about a new job that doesn’t involve making change.

  4. We will be emptying Pods and turning the New to Us house into a proper home.At least according to DIL and me. My sons have the computer and PlayStation 4 set up ,plus beds so they feel like it’s home.

  5. Weekend plans….hmmm….retired equals permanent weekend so whatever ….of course the prime plan is to provide appropriate lap space for the befurred rulers of the household, also known as Chai and Wasabi.

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