If it’s June 25. . .

. . .it must be the Belleversary!

Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem, one year ago today, we brought Kelimcoons Belle of the Ball to the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.  She retired graciously to the chamber prepared for her, to rest from the rigors of her journey.  She had a mouthful of food, a visit to the necessary, and a brief bath before strolling out to Greet Her People, and conduct a survey of her new kingdom.

We were, of course, planning a Festivity to commemorate the day, complete with dancing and fireworks, but Belle has asked for a more restrained and dignified celebration. Therefore, we all plan on having a nap today, in honor of herself.  Belle is, as always, leading the way.

In other news!

I wrote yesterday.  Quite a lot, actually, for values of Quite a Lot that include 2,140 new words in Book the Next. After I ripped out the scene that didn’t work, we had a net gain to the manuscript of!  76 words.

It was rather an exciting day, as writers count these things.  I had a Good Idea, then!  I had a Better Idea; the story is back on track with no violence done the characters, their relationship, and! without invoking the Gods of Plot.  Which is good.  I really don’t like invoking the Gods of Plot.  Which reminds me to sweep the altar, which has gotten dusty.

In addition to the celebration of Belle’s arrival among us, today’s schedule includes deploying the vacuum cleaner, doing the dishes, and — getting back to work on the WiP.  No, no, the excitement never does stop; but we’re used to it.

For those keeping score at home, there were no checks in the mail today, and a bill arrived by email.

No questions to answer today, though people continue to find the Roll Call and check in.  Thank you!

. . .and I think that’s catches us all up.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here in the middle of Maine, perfect for all kinds of Summery Activities.  Hope it’s the same, where you are.


Progress on Book the Next
35,765/100,000 OR 35.77% complete

Not truth. Something more primal than mere truth. Something from deep in the core of him, incontrovertible, beyond any argument or logic.

Belleversary June 25 2016 One

4 thoughts on “If it’s June 25. . .”

  1. Congrats to Belle and the rest of her family. In 8 days, the date I became a member of my family will arrive. (it was much more than a year ago) To Celebrate with a nap is a great idea.

  2. Wow, it really doesn’t seem like a whole year since Belle appeared in your blog.
    Weather here in Baltimore County is quite summery today as well, but we spent the late morning/early afternoon running errands (DH likes to shop on Saturday. Go figure.) I just made a large batch of olive tapenade which we’ve been noshing on before grilling some chicken thighs, which is a rather summery activity.

  3. Ooh, I forgot! We were coming home from a run for tapenade ingredients this afternoon and a deer ran into the side of the car! DH said he saw her jump back up the hill afterwards, so I hope she was alright. Nor did the car suffer any damage, though we did find some smears in the layer of dirt that I really need to wash off.

  4. A few months ago, a minature horse ran into the side of my car. He was able to run away so I hope he was ok. He did damage the car but at least it was drivable until I could put it in the shop.

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