Friday morning advert

All righty, then!  Want to see all the Baen Books July releases in one, dynamic environment?

*snaps fingers*

Your wish has been granted.  Here’s your link  — and remember to leave a comment, if you can, so the Baen Video Elves don’t think their work is in vain.

Also!  Check out the Baen front page for two! stories! (“Wise Child,” by Lee and Miller; “Dear Ammi,” by Aimee Ogden) and a science article (“Strange Sex,” by Dave Freer).  Remember to click the Facebook button (you have to be logged into Facebook for it to show up), and/or the Twitter button, to let the authors know you appreciate their work.

What else?

The crows are having an extremely raucous party in the back woods.  How raucous, you ask?  They woke Trooper up from his mid-morning nap in the window.

The mailman has come and gone.  No bills.  Which is fine.  I already have a handful of bills, right here on the desk.

No check, either.  See “handful of bills,” above.

Did some re-writing, and re-visioning on Book the Next last night.  I think I even made minor gains in wordage.  However!  Today’s work includes ripping out a scene I labored over for two days, trying to get it right, only to realize that the failure to get it right was a Clue that I’d gone off track.

I think that’s all the news at the moment.  Hope everyone has a lovely Friday.

Progress on Book the Next
36,439/100,000 OR 36.44% complete

And yet, he told himself kindly, she had known you for a lunatic when she married you.

Nap buddies June 23 2016


6 thoughts on “Friday morning advert”

  1. It actually was pretty humid yesterday, though to be fair, Belle often looks, erm, uncombed. This is not, I swear, because no one combs her; she’s probably the most-groomed cat in the house. She does, however, like to splash around in the cat fountain/swimming pool.

  2. Wait, …have we seen/read about a Liaden wedding?
    or any wedding in the Liaden universe, for that matter?
    I am curious to know what a marriage ceremony might look like there; both for contract and life-mating unions.
    Here, Sharon and Steve, have some more work to do. lol

  3. Sure; there’s a wedding in Mouse and Dragon. I think there’s another wedding in “Changeling.” I think. There’s definitely a funeral.

  4. This quote could be from more than a few of the Korval men. I am currently re-re-reading Ghost Ship and enjoying it as much (or perhaps even more) than the first time. As always thank you both.

  5. Yes – even the first three books, which I’ve read umpty-mumble times (having bought them when they first came out), still manage to provide new insight or something I’ve always missed before on a reread. The Liaden books are an inexhaustable mine…

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