Weekend News Roundup

This Just In:  Sharon Lee and Steve Miller will be Writer Guests of Honor at MarsCon 2017, with Science Guests Benjamin and Carriann Higginbotham, and Ghost of Honor Anne McCaffrey.  The theme of the convention is Dragons in Space.  This will be our second time as Writer GoHs at MarsCon; our first visit was in 2003, and we had a blast.  Sooooo looking forward to going back.  MarsCon will be held March 3-5, 2017.  Here’s your link.

Visit the Liaden Universe® Store at OffWorld Design:  Coffee mugs, denim shirts, t-shirts, polos!  New colors and items have been added, just in time for spring!  Here’s your link.

Order your signed and/or personalized copy of Alliance of Equals:  Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis is now accepting pre-orders for signed and/or personalized copies of Lee and Miller’s 19th Liaden Universe® novel, Alliance of Equals, which will be published in July.  There is a deadline for pre-ordering personalized books (where “personalized” means the authors, in addition to their signatures, write something specifically requested by the person buying the book).  That deadline is June 1Here’s your link.

Patreon:  Last year, at the urging of some of our readers, and with some trepidation, Steve and I set up a Patreon account.  Patreon provides a centralized and streamlined way for supporters of a certain artist (or team of artists) to offer extra financial support.  Some folks offer incentives, and thank you gifts for their supporters; we haven’t done this, and, honestly, in the near future all we’re offering in return for your support is our very sincere thanks, and a promise to keep on writing.  If you’d like to support us on Patreon, here’s your link.

In other news, work on The Gathering Edge, the 20th Liaden Universe® novel, continues, and Steve and I are gearing up for a slightly busy* year of con-going, and book touring.


*By which I mean, “busier than last year”.

Belle and Sprite competitive sleeping Feb 28 2016


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