My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

. . .though there was one terrifying moment when I thought I hadn’t left enough room in my backpack for my book.  Turns out that there was just enough room.  Close one, though.

So, the important news first:  SFWA has named C.J. Cherryh its 32nd Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master.

And there was much rejoicing.

She was a huge influence on me, as on several generations of writers.  Why?  The list is long, including a long list of believably alien aliens from the Iduve, straight through to the Atevi; top-notch worldbuilding that left no detail to chance; complex, compelling stories, (most of which have aged very well), and human characters that are as complex and multifaceted as any real human you might encounter, and writing that is always strong and clear.

If you haven’t read any Cherryh, now might be the time to sample her.  Hunter of Worlds, Cuckoo’s Egg, The Faded Sun TrilogyKesrith, Shon’Jir, and Kutath — that’ll get you started.

Very well deserved.

Back here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, we’re packed and ready to head out ‘way too early tomorrow morning to catch the first train from Brunswick to Boston.  Despite urging from their fans, the cats have decided to remain at the Farm, in order to entertain the house-sitter, who would otherwise be all by herself, and where’s the fun in that?

So, Steve and I will be at Boskone — alone and unsupervised!  For those coming in late, here is the Lee and Miller Schedule, and here is the Full Boskone Schedule.

We will be reading from Chapter 7 of Alliance of Equals during our scheduled reading time at noon on Saturday.

I’ll check in intermittently from the con for those who can’t attend this year.  If you are attending — we’re looking forward to seeing you!

Our Ladies of the Toys Feb 6 2016

Today’s blog post brought to you by John Denver, “Leaving on a Jet Plane.”  Here’s your link.

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