Boston, we are in you

Playing catchup here.

Left the Cat Farm at O-Ghod o’clock on Thursday, to catch the 7:00 am train out of Brunswick.  We had a pleasant, which is to say non-eventful trip, watching the scenery go by while we ate packed-in baloney-and-cheese sammiches and drank high-test Amtrak coffee.  How do they consistently get that slightly burnt undernote in the coffee, no matter what train you happen to be on?

Our room was ready for us when we hit the hotel — a very nice room, high-ish up, with a view of the harbor and of the planes coming in to Logan.

We napped and set up Field Headquarters, chatted with a few other early arrivals, gathered up our convention badges, and crashed early.

This morning, we had a pleasant extended breakfast with Christie Meierz and Jeff Mierzejewski.  Afterwards, we toured the facility, started an early pile of books behind Larry Smith’s table, and retired to field headquarters to do some work before lunch.  Lunch having now been achieved, I’m taking this opportunity to catch y’all up before The Con Gets Real.

Still no word on the Friends of Liad Breakfast — we’re still shooting for a Sunday morning event, Saturday’s schedule being what it is.

I would be a Bad Cat Mom if I did not mention that today marks the 6th anniversary of the birth of Kelimcoon’s Belle of the Ball.  We plan to have a belated celebration  when we get home again to Maine.

Also, Number Ten Ox, running Linux Mint, version Cinnamon, is performing without nary a stumble nor a stagger.

Y’all have fun; I’ll check in as I can.

Belle Jan 22 2016

One thought on “Boston, we are in you”

  1. Happiest of birthdays to Belle! Hurray hurray she’s six today! ??????????????????. Party til she just can’t stop!

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