Home again

So!  We’re home from Boskone.

Steve reports thusly:

We’re trying to get back to normal, insofar as the writing life ever is normal. At Boskone we had 13 program items, 3 official or formal breakfast meetings, several official dinner meals, 2 between program meetings with colleagues… No I didn’t get to as many parties as usual…. Meanwhile, if our trip down was on a packed train our trip back was serene and quiet — we were the only business class passengers all the way from Boston to Brunswick.

. . .which makes for a fairly full convention.  I was called upon to moderate one panel, which was. . . quite broad in terms of scope, and I admit, I had a few moments of trepidation, thinking that the discussion would last 15 minutes after which we would all adjourn to the bar.  Happily, my co-panelists were brilliant and well-informed, and the audience very interested in the topic. . . so the ship was safely brought into port.

Our kaffeeklatsch was filled to overflowing, by reason of the alternate players joining those who were considered the A-team by convention programming.  We didn’t mind the extra people, but the programming chair did come by to make certain that Steve and I weren’t distressed by having so many attendees — which was very kind of her, and proper care and feeding of one’s guests.  I was able to assure her that we were fine, but!  Do, please, try to abide by the rules of the convention, even if they seem silly.  Convention programming folks really have a lot on their plates during the con and it’s to everyone’s advantage to follow the rules, and let them conserve energy so they can deal with major problems (if any, and:  avert) in a calm and thoughtful manner.  Thanks.

The mass book party was swell — there was cake!  Between those who came to our autographing, and the various vendors in the room, we signed a metric ton of books — all of them ours — and though I bought books*, I confess to Earring Fail, and! even though I have identified a need for more bling on the lapel of the Coat of Many Pockets — I also had Bling Failure.

A special shout-out to Garth Nix, who took time out from his signing at the mass book party, to come over and chat with us for a few minutes.  As a general rule, we try not to inflict ourselves on Sitting GoHs, because — having been in the chair — we know that they have lots of people who want — and deserve — their attention.

Our next con, for those interested, is RavenCon, April 29-May 1, in Williamsburg.  Where we will be Writer Guests of Honor.  After that, we’ll be returning Guests of Honor at BaltiCon 50.

And now, I have bills to pay, tax returns to review, and errands to run — must have food!, especially as the weatherbeans are calling Weather, starting tonight — and then, we need to get back to work on The Gathering Edge.


*Books purchased:  Foxglove Summer, Ben Aaronovitch; Karen Memory, by Elizabeth Bear; Written in Red, by Anne Bishop; The House of Shattered Wings, Aliette de Bodard; and Uprooted, Naomi Novick.

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6 thoughts on “Home again”

  1. Great to see you briefly here and there and to attend the kaffeeklatsch. Very sorry to have missed the reading. I saw you in passing at the book launch party; that was a great poster Baen sent for the July book. I was thinking about maybe surprising you at Ravencon, but got an email Sunday night from a friend wanting me to share a cheap cruise with her that starts that weekend, so I’ll see you at Balticon!

  2. Sorry I didn’t get to Boston and didn’t make the kaffeeklatsche regular and alternate labels that worked relatively well the previous 2 yrs. I actually devised them after your last 20 person kk. I’ll try to get them done next yr even if I don’t make it.

  3. One wonders if Earring Fail means you _did_ buy, or if it means you did _not_.

    One of my weaknesses is earrings.

  4. Earring fail in this case means that I failed to buy earrings. I wanted to buy earrings, but I couldn’t focus, somehow. I guess I used up all my shopping enthusiasm buying books.

  5. We missed you, but it gets to be a long day — driving up, doing the con, driving back. I don’t know what the weather was in your part of the world (Jim MacDonald had six inches of snow in The Notch on Saturday), but in Boston it was 60 degrees and sunny. Really tough to stay inside, even though I had a whole science fiction convention to distract me.

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