In which progress progresses

So, yesterday. . .

I had some bagels from the bakery down on Bay Street.  Let me just say. . .Worst. Bagel. EVER.  Steve asked me what was wrong with it.  I said, “Christian bagel.”  Seriously, bagels shouldn’t crumb like bread.  Also? Ideally, they should taste like. . .bagels.

Anyhow, I gave Steve a ten dollar bill and asked him to please stop at Bagel Mania on his way home from getting his car’s oil changed and tires rotated to buy me some REAL bagels.

Ten bucks buys 15 bagels from Bagel Mania, most of which are now residing in the freezer, but of course I held some out for Immediate Consumption, and had one for breakfast this morning.  Mmmmm, bagel.

After the Great Bagel Influx, and lunch, we went down to the contractor’s office, credit card in hand, and put half down on the generator.  It has to be ordered in, so the installation date at this point is the ever-popular “couple of weeks.”  Part of today’s excitement will be to call the propane company and get ourselves on their radar.

Then we went for a Plot Drive, up and aroundish, through Athens, Harmony, Canaan, and suchlike.  Back home, I discovered Yet Another communication from the ACA, instructing me to immediately do something that it was impossible to do, even though meticulous following of their directions did not produce the described result (Honest to ghu, the ACA has gotten me to the point that I doubt my own sanity.  I had Steve come into my office to read and follow the instructions, and — they didn’t work for him, either.  What a relief.)

After that, we threw in the towel and watched Big Hero 6.  The coon cats are big Baymax fans, while Scrabble’s hero is GoGo.

Today started with a phone call to the ACA to be Perfectly Sure that the urgent email could be ignored.  Then, I called the local health insurance provider and had them go through my regular meds, and. . .today I will regretfully be moving my prescriptions to Hannaford, where the cost for all three will be $0, as opposed to $110.

I’m really ambivalent about this; I’ve been with CVS since we moved to Waterville — twenty years and counting — but money talks.

And I’m really ambivalent about that.

For those who may have an interest, the Seventh and Last Week of the Do It Like A Delm Challenge began yesterday!  We have three entrants so far, but we’re waiting to see yours!

Here’s a link to the rules.

Here’s a link to this week’s entries thus far.

Speaking of Doing It Like A Delm, Offworld Designs is (again) taking orders for Liaden Universe® t-shirts, polos, and long-sleeve denim.  In addition to looking positively delm-like on you, these shirts make fine presents.  I hear there’s a Big, Present-Giving Holiday coming up in a few months — and here’s the thing you need to pay attention to:  OffWorld Designs makes embroiders and screenprint these to order.  That means that they wait until they have a Big Pile of orders before doing the printing and embroidery.  So you want to order early (and often) if you want to be sure to have gifts for Christmas.

Here’s your link to Offworld Designs Liaden Universe® infopage.  NOTE:  you need to click the thumbnails for pricing and product details.

In Weather News, we here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory are at about a week of rain, starting this afternoon, so if I want to go into town, I’d better get moving.

Here, have a picture of Trooper waiting for the rain.

Trooper's not worried about no stinkin' rain.
Trooper’s not worried about no stinkin’ rain.


4 thoughts on “In which progress progresses”

  1. I guess with all the repairs and talk of generators, the plans for The Great Move have been suspended.

  2. Oh, yes, some months back. We’re going to be here for another few years, looks like. Medical bills kinda chewed right through the downpayment money.

  3. “Christian bagels” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, cough, cough, wheeze.
    I know exactly what you mean.
    I am told the crumb has something to do with them not being boiled before they’re baked. I dunno – never tried baking them.

  4. That is one comfy kitty person up there! Wish it were me. Having my usual seasonal transitional discomfort – post-sinus flooding leading to the oh so comfy liquid lungs. Ready to stop sneezing two to six to a bout. ::sigh::

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