Friday Morning Newszine

A*.  As many of you know, Larry Smith, known variously as Larry!; Larry Smith, Bookseller; and “the guy in the corner of the dealers room with allllllll the books” — Larry Smith was in an auto accident on his way home from DragonCon; the van rolled, and needs Major Repairs, or perhaps a replacement.  Larry, and Joni Dashoff, who was also in the van, were very lucky, due to a combination of seatbelts and canny packing of books and display shelves.  Larry did have to spend some time in the hospital, but he was eventually released, and went home to inventory, and take, stock.

The news now is that, while — again, due to canny packing — the loss of stock was minimal, Larry — is back in the hospital.  Con-going fans are aware that this is Archon weekend, and Sally — Larry’s wife, and businessmate — was, last heard, seriously wondering if she should even try to get to the con.

So, what we have here is:  A van to repair or replace; unexpected hospital bills; loss of expected income.  Not a good roll, on anybody’s dice.

Immediately after the accident, Marcia Kelly Illingsworth set up a GoFundMe page for Larry and Sally and the poor, abused van.  Here’s your link.  If you can donate, that’s super.  If you can spread the word, that will help immensely.

Thanks for listening.

B.  We are approaching the end of the seventh and last! week of the Do It Like A Delm Challenge.  Entries must be received by midnight, Eastern Daylight Time (aka New York Time), on Saturday (tomorrow!) October 3.  The last winner will be chosen and posted on Monday morning, October 5.  The winning challenger will also receive a coupon for a free Baen ebook of their choice.  Full rules here.

If you’ve been thinking about entering your challenge pic, you are right down to the wire.  Summon your inner delm — or always wonder if you could have.

C.  Submissions are now open for The Year’s Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction series from Baen Books.  Full guidelines here.

D.  I was going to write something about Writers Fugue, and Process and All.  Maybe later.  Right now, I have to balance the checkbook.

E.  Y’all have a nice weekend.  If you’re in the storm path, stay safe.  Even if you’re not in the storm path, stay safe.

F.  Here’s a picture of Sprite, resting after her labors**:

Sprite, resting from her latest nap.
Sprite, recuperating from her latest nap.


*WordPress has decided to be helpful, and format every numbered list into a squinched-up, impossible to read, “standard” format.  Lists-by-letter don’t seem to be on its radar.  And, so. . .

**I often post pictures at the bottom of my blog posts to make the announcement of the post prettier for Facebook, which, left to its own devices, usually posts a GINORMOUS (and ugly) G+ graphic.  For those who dislike, or are tired of, photos of cats, spare a little empathy for the Facebook peeps, and avert your eyes.  Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Friday Morning Newszine”

  1. Someone complained about cat pictures?
    Surely they are suffering from delusions that their melante would make such an affront acceptable. Your solving is gentle and elegant, if I may say so.
    Elsewise, thank you for keeping us updated on Larry’s plight as well as your activities and of course, The Cats, your overlords.

  2. I love all the cat pictures. It is nearly inconceivable, to imagine someone drawn to you and your works disliking cats enough to be pained by the sight of yours. Except how they’re so beautiful it hurts. Ow, my cat-envy

  3. I like the cats (I miss having one residing in-house, the ‘right’ one has not yet appeared…or maybe, the time is not yet…). I would miss seeing yours!

  4. Sally made it to Archon. She’s tired, but okay. Larry has had pneumococcal pneumonia and is on his second set of antibiotics. When she gets home she will move him to a rehab center so his lungs can get built back up. She is absolutely astounded at the success of the GoFundMe, and humbled by the love we have all shown for her and for Larry.

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