Minor update Patreon Accountability

For those playing along at home.

We received notification just a hair before midnight Eastern on May 5 that $1313.25 had been transferred to our checking account.  The deposit arrived this morning, May 7, having lost another $0.25, which was its just toll to the transfer company.

We have, yes, taken the tax money out first.  (I’m sorry for constant harping re tax money, but I can’t stress enough, to any freelancers who happen to be following this:  Always take the tax money out first.  Do not think you’ll be able to catch it up later; that way lies only tears.  Uncle Sam does not care how much you make; he only cares that you have paid taxes on every penny you have made.)

I think that ties up the last loose end.

Once again — thank you all.

One thought on “Minor update Patreon Accountability”

  1. it’s good to know what the fees add up to, thanks. and an extra 13K ought to help even out your life by a fair bit if it continues

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