Cloudy Saturday

You may have heard the rumor that we’re writing a book here in East Winslow. Well!  The rumor’s true, and work continues.  Yesterday’s project was to frog about 5,000 words (thanks to Brenda Clough for this very useful word, “frog”), and to wander around the house wailing and rubbing ashes in my hair, finally to gather with Steve at the kitchen table for two hours of serious staring at each other, interspersed with sentence fragments, after which I repaired to my office to make several pages of dense notes.  I also identified the section that needs to be built up in order for this other section here to work, and the place where I forgot to put back in a scene that I took out because it was in the wrong place the first time.

Today’s project is to fix both of those problems and to get with the notes.

Yesterday, we also signed 180 books.  Today, we will sign the remaining 60, and commence in to personalizing 68, after which we will tape up the boxes, affix labels, and on Monday call UPS to make a pickup.

Today we will also view two, perhaps three, houses in the Greater Waterville Megaplex.  I’m in the mood to choose one of the three and Have Done, so it will be Steve’s job to Be Prudent.

Yesterday, we also had the Dead River guy, who repositioned the propane tank, which had been displaced by the Snows of Winter, leveled it, and replaced the cutoff valve which had been savaged by ice.  It’s interesting to note that, when a particularly intense CLANG! came forth from the work site, Sprite ran back to my office, to take shelter in the Safest Spot — which would be Grandpa Mozart’s place under my desk.

I may have forgotten to mention the other day that, when I had my height taken at my annual, I was found to no longer be six foot tall.  I’m now a paltry 70.75 inches tall.  I suppose no one will look up to me now.

Tomorrow On Monday I shall visit the vampires, which means that tomorrow tonight I shall fast, and then I will come home to write some more.

Tomorrow, then, being Sunday, will be a Day of All Writing.

What’re y’all doing that’s fun or interesting?


13 thoughts on “Cloudy Saturday”

  1. Depending on the weather radar, we might walk down to the creek to see how yesterday’s rain affected it. Otherwise it’s laundry, cooking, writing, knitting, reviewing tomorrow’s anthems (just as an aside, I think Matthias hated choristers), and packing for the trip. The forecast is for storms; it’s cloudy, warm, humid, with the kind of fitful gusts of wind that may mean anything from “storms going past a few miles away” to “Hi, I’m a tornado on the far horizon and you will shortly know exactly what that fitful gust meant.” I would like waffles for breakfast but that would mean cleaning off the kitchen table which is covered with Important Mail.

    The writing part is moving along but feels sort of scattershot. I also have a scene I’ve removed and will need to put where it should go instead, unless by then it shouldn’t. Not there yet to be certain. Someone needs to die before I leave on the trip (fictionally die, I hasten to mention. A character. Doomed, but also not yet at the best place to meet his fate.)

  2. As someone who always asserted I was Five-foot-two-and-three-quarters inches and is now barely 5’2″ (if I stand really straight and suck it way in), I think I can safely say I will always be looking up at/to you.

  3. I will add my name (and my almost 5’2″ height) to those who look up to you and to Steve.
    Today I am attending a ceremony for the students I’ve taught who have earned their Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials (they must then teach full time for two years to clear it), taking an hour and a half drive through the redwoods in Northern CA to deliver my daughter’s dog to her, and NOT working on renewing the bocce ball court with my husband and son. Should be a nice day though. Then hopefully re-re-reading the early Patricia Briggs Dragon books.

  4. I believe you are the first person I’ve met who is not a Canadian tourist visiting Old Orchard Beach in Maine, who knows what bocce is, much less has their own bocce court.

  5. This morning is the electronics recycling event. I’ve a host of old electronics, Apple computers, parts, cables and related detritus which will be relocated to a place other than my abode. Thus will conclude the 2015 Spring cleaning event at Condo Chaos. While all will not be neat and tidy, space will have been freed up to return the two car garage to actually being able to house two regular size autos. Mothers Day event in the afternoon, location TBD by GoH.

  6. *I* know what bocce ball is… and Jason would dearly love to have a court! I suggested it would be prudent to wait to get actually bocce balls until the children were old enough to know it would NOT be funny to hit one another with them….

    Today is ironing my tiedye stock in preparation for displaying them for sale tonight at my first ROLLER DERBY. This should be awesome, as I am given to know that roller derbies and their participants and attendees are also awesome. I wonder how many are also Readers?

  7. I am recovering from a 57 hour week training down in Florida. Laundry, picking up Jackie from his fan club at the vet’s, grocery shopping and a haircut are on the agenda this weekend. Oh, and finding some photos for Uncle George’s memorial service next Saturday. Looking through old photos can be quite bittersweet. I think I’d better put chocolate and tissues on the grocery list.

    Jackie is currently right under my feet as I tend the laundry machines – he is Making Sure I Do Not Leave Him Again. Otherwise he seems happy, though he may have lost some weight.

    Also on my list is meals, (non-technical) reading and walks with Jackie. We must re-check the perimeter, of course.

  8. I have bocce balls but no court. Used to be a court in the park right across from where I worked (no doubt it is still there, but I am not).

  9. *I* remember when Bertucci’s restaurants all had bocce courts (some of them were even indoors!). This was in their humble beginnings when the ovens were really, no foolin’ wood fired, and the staff all knew what you wanted when you asked for a vampire killer pizza, or a nolio….

  10. Cloudy Saturday had given way to Sunny Sunday here before I got to this posting. Some of the day will be devoted to the seemingly endless task of unpacking boxes (we’ve just moved to Twin Falls, Idaho and I’m persuaded the boxes mated and procreated during the 2,200 mile trip in the darkened back of that rental truck). However, some time must be found to work on at least one of the two substantial commissions on my calendar–a work for chorus and as-yet-undetermined instruments for a community chorus in Virginia and a piece for chorus and large brass ensemble for a Christmas concert at Syracuse University.

  11. Bertucci’s is a wood fired pizza, mid-level restaurant chain … They have them down Baltimore-way. My aunt’s best friends used to bring bocci balls to play at our family reunion in North Park (Pittsburgh) every year … Good memories.

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