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We’re having Quite the Wind Storm here in East Winslow.  How windy is it? Windy enough that the little traveling bytes are being battered against the sides of the intertubes and it took the colored Friday page for Girl Genius a full two minutes to load.

So, going against the wind, as we are, I  will quickly mention that Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore in Minneapolis is now accepting pre-orders for personalized and signed copies of A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3*, to be published by Baen in August.  Here’s your link to Uncle Hugo’s ordering page, with instructions.  Please note that there is an ordering deadline involved for those who want their book personalized, and that deadline is Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

Speaking of the Uncle, Mr. Blyly has mailed out all of the pre-ordered signed/personalized copies of Dragon in Exile, save a handful of “problem orders” which should be cleared and go out this week coming.  We’ve heard that some folks have received their books, so the system is working!

Speaking of Dragon in Exile, this morning’s sales number for the Kindle edition stood at 1,799 (#25 in Kindle Store Space Opera; #26 in BOOKS Space Opera; #43 in Kindle Store Science Fiction), which is pretty cool.  We hear through the grapevine that Amazon is shipping the Dragon early, as well, so if, yanno, watch the skies!

Steve and I would like to thank all of you once again for your support and assistance.  Whether you are one of the kind people who has written a reader review on Amazon to give the new book that little extra push, contribute to our Patreon account, support Splinter Universe, read and recommend our books to your friends — thank you.  There is no “just” in this effort, and no contribution is “too little;”  everything helps, and we’re grateful for your time and your care.

I hope everybody has a great weekend.


*Here’s the Table of Contents for ALUC #3:

Code of Honor
Guaranteed Delivery
Intelligent Design
Out of True
Roving Gambler
King of the Cats
Kin Ties
The Rifle’s First Wife
The Space at Tinsori Light
Landed Alien
Moon’s Honor
Quick Working Glossary

Trooper in place
Trooper in place

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  1. I just started reading the kindle edition of Dragon in Exile. I’m trying to read it slowly and savor it. It is my special treat for surviving “a most chaotic week”. Thanks for writing such wonderful works that pull you so deeply into their world that you can forget about the one where your body is. 🙂

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